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    evening guys,

    just started on this, its more of a concept then a completed idea. i want to go back to 1st/2nd ed eldar with this peice, make it look more space pirate/renegade/dark eldar (maybe even twisted harliquin) basic concept is that he is stepping down a river to challenge some one (or somethin) he will be standing on rocks at the edge of a waterfall with the water pouring over the edge of the base (he will be mouted on a tall wooden base) he will have a anime/samurai feel to him with pre heresy esque tassles on his shoulder pad(s), just trying to find a nice and secure way to attach them, the brass points on his shoulder represent where ill have some curved spikes their with impaled heads on (not sure if i should do them blade like, do them like chaos horns spouting out the armour, or nice slender wraithbone horns) not entirely 100% on the wings, i dont want to give the impression he can fly, their more for ormentation, like banners and originally i wanted to do lots of really long ribbons flapping in the wind, but am strugglin to find a place to put them on the lord

    any input u guys have got will be great


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    the concept idea is awsome, as far as wat to go with, i would say not so much as chaosey horns but more horns then blades. maybe you should add a tabard fron and rear and some form of barrers draping from one or both of his shoulders, u could even make it look as though the banner has been forced over the spikes to hold it in place.,
    will the water be flowing onver the rocks hes standing on? or will he be standing on a bank rather then in the stream?

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    on small rocks juttering out of the stream, i want to try and have the water flowing around the lowest sword as if the force is repelling it

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    What\'re the things hanging from his wings?

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    the plastic banner things that come with it

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    reminds me of my WL I did months ago... ^^


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    lookin good ed, u finished it yet??

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    sorry for the x2 post
    small update, ill hopefully be updating this quite regularly.

    trying out a possible technique for the horn/spike, i think its lookin good and ill def be using milliput to make the final thing. the joints are GSd up and are lookin good and i have made a start on the tassles, basic idea is their but am working on some proper shiny gems/jewels things to make it more regal, will be press molding them so i can make em all identical. order some clear resin, hopefully be here 2morro, this is prob the base ill be goin for (p6)


    some spike doodles

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    Looking Good!
    I\'m going to have to agree with the tabard, in the front at least.
    But I\'m really liking the pose and all.
    Can\'t wait to see more.
    It\'s a joy to see all the neat things people do with these new WL models!!

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