Ravage mix open in Paris 12-14 Oct - Who\'s going?
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Thread: Ravage mix open in Paris 12-14 Oct - Who\'s going?

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    Default Ravage mix open in Paris 12-14 Oct - Who\'s going?

    I\'ve got planetickets, I\'ve got a place to sleep, I\'m in good spirits.. I\'ve nearly got some minis done as well! So. who\'s with me!?

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    Glad you managed it :)
    Looking forward to talking to you when i can actually hear you properly lol

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    I\'m going... Working on my entries still, but I will have a collection of both new and old stuff with me.

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    Cool! :) I have been retouching some of my older stuff as well as doing some new. I should have maybe 5-6 minis with me at least.

    I will be staying at a hostel, 3 ducks near the Eiffel tower.

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    i shall be there! may bring some stuff, if only for the free entry! any plans? i have emailed jeremie to see whats happening. if anyone wants my phone number pm me

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    Well i\'m in Paris, absolutely knackered though. Been awake since Wednesday morning at 7.30am. Was up all last night finishing an entry.

    Got to the hotel and broke an entry! So fixed that (rather shabbily) and had to ring Tim and ask him to bring an emergency load of blue tack over from England because I can\'t be buggered to go try and find any in Paris lol

    So I think i might try and have 40 winks, before doing anything more. lol

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    hehe.. my bluetac is running low as well... :P I\'m currently at the airport and the flight is leaving in 2 hours... so tonight I dine in PARIS!

    or... c\'est (?).. nuit je mange a PARIS... (??)

    ehm right. hope they know some english... guess it was 7 years ago I last tried speaking some french.

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    Well every one I have spoken too knows enough of it lol

    I got here and realised the little French I knew, I now not know lol
    Couldn\'t even remember the word for cheese!

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    Originally posted by matty1001

    I got here and realised the little French I knew, I now not know lol
    Couldn\'t even remember the word for cheese!
    Umm that would be... fromage lol

    I speak virtually no French and Ive managed over two weeks in the country with out much trouble.

    Have fun guys, I\'m gonna miss not being there this year but I guess I can\'t do everything.

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    Fromage, thats it lol Laura wanted a cheese sarnie, and ended up with chicken!

    Didn\'t stay long today, probably just a couple of hours, just entered figures and spoke to a few people, Sven, Anders, Seb, some of the French lot.
    Anyhoo, some photos from today (cabinets were about 1/4 full as not all entrys were in) The photos arnt great, some are a bit blurry etc... but they should do! Some fantastic stuff there, really looking forward to the next two days getting to see loads more stuff :)

    (EDIT removed this gallery, see below for an updated version END EDIT)

    Enjoy, even though the pics are crappy. Should have a load more soon.

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    Been to the Louve today, so took lots of photos of sculptures etc for inspiration/sculpting ideas.


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    Any body know what the coloured dots on some of the figures mean? Or are they just a way of identifying a persons figures?

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    Thanks for the pics, Matty. It\'s nice to see Allan\'s new daemonette shaping up. First there was a picture where it still very wip in Brittany, and here the sculpt is almost done lol

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    Originally posted by War Griffon
    Any body know what the coloured dots on some of the figures mean? Or are they just a way of identifying a persons figures?
    Yep, just identification. Plus they are numbered, all my entry\'s are 28 so I can get them back with the ticket I was given.

    Also went for a meal and a game of pool with Louis Wong tonight, cool bloke!

    Going along tomorrow so will hopefully get a load more photos of the entry\'s.

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    Got a load more photo\'s, stuck them in a new gallery so you don\'t have to trawl through the other stuff. Mostly the cabinets as the were full today, some of the ceremony bits and then some of Paris afterwards.

    Not going to say who won what, as I can\'t really remember, plus il let people blow their own horns :D

    *EDIT* Give me 30mins for the pics.

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    Sweet! I bet this was a helluva weekend for you and Laura.

    Thanks for the daily updates as well, I (and I bet many others here) really appreciate it.

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    Here you go, sorry for the wait:


    Nearer the end I have a few pics of the award bit, so you can see a few people who won stuff (though I honestly do not know who won what lol Cedric had to translate for me an Tim!)

    Met some great people, and had a good chat. Edgar was pretty stand out for me, great bloke and just jaw dropping sculpts.

    Ainu, yea, great weekend. Laura wasn\'t keen on the mini related stuff, but didn\'t really mind it. Plus there is so much to see and do in Paris its amazing. Never really sat down all 5 days lol

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    Looks excellent.
    I will definitely try and make next years. Just need to paint something.
    I see the McVeys were there. I thought I recognised some of his old stuff in the photos. Still looks fantastic now.

    I am really jealous.


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    I had a really great time there! The display cabinets were really amazing. They were completely packed with gorgeous stuff. The best part was when everyone took there stuff out at the end and you could walk around and pick people\'s minis up and look at them closely. Nobody seemed to mind that you picked them up, even if they didn\'t know me. I too, met Edgar (degra) and talked with him a bit and looked at his stuff (completely jawdropping...). He is a really cool guy. Also talked quite a bit with Sebastian Archer (automaton) and looked at his minis (also completely jawdropping), and he\'s also a top guy! I met Matty, Tim (freakinacage), Cédric (green stuff), Sven (Avelorn), Jérémie Bonamant and a bunch of other people as well.

    The McVey\'s were there, the whole family. Both Ali and Mike got gold in Master painting (not very surprising). Mike brought some of his old classic paintjobs from the early 90s and in many aspects they are still completely top class. The only area where you can really see their age, quality wise, is in the metallics, where there have been a lot of progression in technique since then. And, of course, his newer stuff is absolute top class!

    Oh, and I got a silver in Master paining! :flip: It still hasn\'t really sunk in...

    The airport security staff broke one of my entries when I travelled home today, so I have some repairing to do before I can photograph it and post it here.

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