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Thread: Do I paint weirdly?

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    This is a highly guarded secret of mine. shhh! It is a mixture of two technics: wet blending and drybrushing. I mix my highlight colors and take a little off to the side add 1/2 to 2/3 water and dip in my brush. I then wipe the brush on a piece of wood until it appears to have no paint on it like drybushing then appy to the areas I want to highlight. It works the same way drybrusing does but with the added water it doesn\'t leave those harsh edges they seem to blend in like wet blending.
    Yeah, I\'ve been doing this for a few years now, works well.

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    Originally posted by Vallan
    Abe #2: My guess is that some do the single parts so they can do wet blending, but what do I know? lol
    Close!! I usually mix up so many new shades that I need to proceed on to the final highlights before the shade I created dries up - I can never quite recreate it later . . .

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    I normally work on a section at a time and paint these up to completion, but it also depends on the model in question.



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    Default No, not weird at all

    I was reading the site for Viking Lodge. He is a professional mini painter who says he has 15 years experience. Does his minis exactly as you describe.

    I\'ve been experimenting with techniques lately, after reading verious \"how to\" sites. I also tend to vary things by the kind of base coat I\'m using.

    With a black base, I will do the big areas first and paint the face last. Since there is a lot of drybrushing involved in in black base, it is easy to mess up the face if you do that part first.

    On a white base, I start with the face and work my way out. Since the painting techniques used in a white-based fig are more controlled, it\'s safer to paint the face first.

    I haven\'t really tried the technique you describe, but since I\'m in an experimental mode, I might give it a go.

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