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    Well i was thinking about some time to do a capture the flag diorama where 40k and fantasy fight against one another.

    But since it will fairly sure many of them will be fairly close, since the diorama only will be about 15 x 20 cm.

    So my question is how strong is the lights coming from such as the a flamer, a spell, or a gun or cannon.

    How far would the light go? Lets say if a sister of battle was torching and ork would the light also be visible on the wood elf 2 meters away? translated to a diorama that might be 5 or 6 inches or so.

    So how strong is the different light sources?

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    from a flamer that would be a longer way than some space marine eyes.

    the catman

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    Originally posted by Erikjust
    So how strong is the different light sources?
    This is fantasy, that\'s pretty much up to you if you want it to be.


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