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    Hello, I would like some advice on how to make swamp like bases for skinks.
    Like how to paint the water so it really looks like water and not just a blue or green.

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    Use white glue but tint it with the color you want to use. Use several coat as it will give it depth. Make sure you build up the sides tho as it will run everywhere other wise.

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    This isn\'t the best picture in the world but this is what Ogrebane means. I used pva glue - about 3 or 4 layers with no colour then I did a green ink wash, followed but another layer or 2 of glue & a blue wash. And finally one more pva layer.

    You can see right through the \'water\' to the bottom but it has a nice greeny blue tint to it.

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    You\'re right, it isn\'t the best picture. There isn\'t any picture there at all. ;)

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    You\'re right, try here e=0&album_num=1
    & click on the Manticore

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    From what I can see it has a nice slimy look to it.

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    you can use \'ard coat and mix it with some color you want I use the pale lichen mixed with some uniform brown it produces a good swampy dirty color.

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    my idea takes a little more time, but it does come out good. i would paints the bottom in camo green, then wash it with every ink except purple and magenta (GW), then apply a couple thin layers of ard\'coat and then result should be a dirty swamp water.

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    super gloss yacht varnish makes nice dirty water as it has a brown tint to it. it\'s also very glossy and hard as nails. if you are using it on large areas such as terrain, use thin layers as it may shrink a bit and crack

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