starter 1000 point chaos mortals with beastmen
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Thread: starter 1000 point chaos mortals with beastmen

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    Default starter 1000 point chaos mortals with beastmen

    i am just starting a chaos mortals army, and i also like some of the beast men selections. what is a good starter 1000 point army.
    thanks :P

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    Personally I\'d try and get as many models on the table as you can. A couple of units of marauders possibly backed up by some warriors. The problem with small points games is that big expensive things like Chaos Warriors are limited to tiny units, then again the big nasties on your opponents side should be few and far between also. I\'d not bother with a magic user unless you have a Tzeentch force as 2 dispel dice for turning up ought to be ample protection and it frees up points for more rank and file. Some hounds to get round the flanks will serve you well and certainly think about a beastman skirmish screen to put in front of your army to soak up missile fire. Once you get close run it round the opposite flank to your hounds and get ready for a support charge.

    Most 1k armies that you\'ll be facing will consist of either a few large units of mediocre troops or one or two small units of high quality troops. Nice big units of marauders are cheap and effective both for dealing with mediocre troops (as they have pretty decent stat lines) and small units of good troops (which they ought to be able to outrank and outnumber). Nicely timed flank charges from the hounds and beastherd should win you the crucial combats and hopefully the skirmish screen will mean that most of your main units survive the missile fire on the way in.

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