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Thread: Eldar Revenant,Vampire Hunter, Scorpion Type II: scratchbuilt

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    Great poses all \'round. Although, to be honest, I can\'t decide if I like the pose on WL #2. I really liked it first pass, then lost my admiration the second look, then got it back on the third, etc. Possibly a little too dynamic...contrived?...no that\'s not the word I\'m looking for...I\'m not sure. I know not why it confuses me so. I really like the paint on the sword though and dark eldar are always a good thing.

    Cheers for the updates

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    Thanx for the comments, guys.
    Due to some medical issues, I managed to stay home, and finish the Avy. Thanx to a friend who shipped the GW avatar\'s sword blade, I could add to my Avy, since that was a part I tried to self sculpt, but was never satisfied with.

    Now he is finished, with a self made custom lava base.

    As usual, C&C are welcome.


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    this is going to be a REALLY cool looking army;

    and very original.

    a whole army shot would be cool!

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    I hope to do justice to your huge favour, and, until I finish the Avy, here are some WIPs of the lava base:

    and, here, finally, the Finished Scorpion:


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    But since I have a lot of time to spare (being told not to go to work due to some clinical issues), today I worked on painting the rest of the army.

    Ready? \'cause there are quite some pics following:
    army so far:

    here is the Falcon (I still need to give it the windshields):

    Here are the 2 vypers:

    Here are the WLs, with bases:

    and, again, here is the Avy:

    I will reduce the size of the pics tomorrow (until then, I apologize).


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    looking really awesome. I do believe though that you need to cut back a bit on the red in the lave base, I think you should give it a more orange hue as the red in the lave would be parts cooling down.

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    Sorry I missed the previous 5 pages,:(.
    You are doing a MARVELLOUS job with this Eldar army.
    Very original and unique :o.
    Keep up the good & EXCELLENT work :beer:.

    GOD bless................VINCENTI

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    Ok, I have finished painting the Avatar.
    It took me 3 days, but finally, the molten magma dude is here.

    and here is a pic within the rest of the army:


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    wow! that avatar is amazing, especially the face, the light inside the mought and looks...it looks like there is actually a light inside him. amazing!

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    wow thats amazing! and i just did boring old alaitoc... im thinking the avatar looks a little unfinished...? what are you going to do with the black parts such as the spear and head?

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    very nice, lava looks really good now

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    Looking good on the Avatar.
    IMO something has to be done with some of the black areas (the back). May I sugest going with a little metalic on the forearms, the chest wraping around to the back plate (or so the bigish piece on the back looks to me), greeves and feet. All to give it a little more..... I\'m not sure what but...
    Love the flaming cloth/loin clot, ace idea. Oh, and may I sugest that you paint the spaces between the plates on the feet as if the light/heat is seeping from between them. Think that would really show off the sculpting that you did on the legs.
    Again just M2C
    keep it up:beer:
    (so what? A cobra next? Maybe a Shining Stalion to go with that titan?)

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    Here is Eldrad, converted from a normal farseer, with added sword (from the Avengers\' sprue).
    As usual, along with the army \"theme\", I have added blue OSL, to reppresent the powers of the sword and staff:


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    looks really fine. Two things I would do differently though; not carry the OSL onto the slotta base, and clean up the white edge on the spear - I know it\'s supposed to look \"random\" but IMO it makes it look a little unfinishes especially at the point.

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    I apologize for not posting, but I had some urgent personal matters to take care of.

    here are some recent pics, showing where I\'m at, ATM.


    here is the first Dire Avenger squad (another 10 are on the to-do list):

    These are 6 Fire Dragons still WIP: as you can see, I have added flames to their flamers. At first I wanted to stick with blue OSL, and, therefor, paint a blue flame (like the propellant was gas), but I thought it will look like water, and the last thing I want to do is give the impression my firedragons have water guns, so I\'ll stick to a normal red flame, with red OSL:

    and here are pics of the whole army (still missing 6 harleys - from Corai\'s collection- and the Fire Dragons, which I\'ll paint today and the second Dire Avenger squad):

    and with the Titan:

    I would also start painting the scorpion type II and the Vampire Hunter, but here it keeps on raining, and we all know how a damp weather can ruin a basecoat, so I\'ll wait \'till the weather changes.


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    Here I am again, with some more things done.
    First off, my Fire Prism. Actualy it is only the prism turret, since I don\'t really feel the need to get another heavy choice (already playin\' 2 WLs and a falcon), so I will use either a flacon or a Fire prism (more probably the second one, since will be better in 5° ed.).
    It is made from random eldar bitz (mainly starcannon and eldar missle lanchers, mounted on a magnet. The eldar dude is an extra body I had, from the vypers:
    So here it is:

    So Falcon:

    and Prism:

    And here are the Fire dragons:
    the whole squad:

    and some closeups:


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    fire dragons look good, but i think the prism may be a BIT to short and fat. if you felt like it you might want to elongate it a bit

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    Originally posted by Necroghast
    i think the prism may be a BIT to short and fat. if you felt like it you might want to elongate it a bit
    you are right, but this is the max I could expect from a Xmass decoration from Ikea lol


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    Just seen your thread for the first time. Your ideas and inspiration of using common objects is so cool. As Iam planning on converting some marine bikes for the first time, what general advice could you give me?

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    Originally posted by Yramrag
    As Iam planning on converting some marine bikes for the first time, what general advice could you give me?

    Thanx for the words of appreciacion.

    As far as the marine bikes go, I am not too experianced with the Space Marines kits. What type of conversion were you thinking? maybe flying bikes, or some sort of chopper like bikes, with a high front end and a small front wheel?
    I really love the new ork bikes: how about incorporate some bitz from these with the SM ones, to make some smart @$$ bikes... lol
    You sould also get those etched brass symbols from FW and put them on the bikes, to add more personality. What chapter are you doing?

    just some random ideas.

    I\'ll help more than gladly.


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