Eldar Revenant,Vampire Hunter, Scorpion Type II: scratchbuilt
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Thread: Eldar Revenant,Vampire Hunter, Scorpion Type II: scratchbuilt

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    Default Eldar Revenant,Vampire Hunter, Scorpion Type II: scratchbuilt

    I should repeat this phrase, at least 10 times, every night, before going to bed:
    \"I shall not accept more work and projects, before I haven\'t finished previous works and projects\"

    I know... I have a lot of commission work to do; I have my personal, social and work life to think about, and, still, I get cought up in lots of projects, without even knowing it... silly me.

    But let me begin from the beginning:
    in an Italian board, Titans were coming out as mushrooms, and lots of people asked me to build one.
    At first I said \"no thanx, I have too much of other stuff to do\", but one of them, a double crossing friend of mine :lol: started a \"scratch built titan competition\"... and I couldn\'t miss out.

    Everybody was doing Warhounds of all sorts, using templates, so all lookalike.
    A couple were already doing a hierophant; the net is full of Stompas (some good, most bad), but no one was doing a Ravenant.
    So, since I had to go for social suicide, I decided I might as well do it good, and began the project.

    here are some sketches of the legs and feet:

    I had a hard time figuring out how to make these parts, and, while at first I wanted to self sculpt them from scratch, I opened a drawer in my bathroom and found this:

    my toothbrush

    I cut it, gave it some detail (according to my sketches) and, after a lot of sanding, here is the result:

    I then made a cast of it, and fixed some flaws with putty:

    for the upper part of the legs, I grabbed more toothbrushes and cut them in the right length:

    and here is a mock-up of the legs so far, with added feet and kneepads (the ball in the middle is there for distance-reference):

    and a size comparison with a BFSP dwarf and a ruler (it is 13 cm tall, ATM)

    I then placed my legs over the 1:1 scale pic of the FW Titan:

    and it fits.

    stay tuned for more WIPs in the next few days.


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    i can see the ads now
    \"get your revant titan now and get a free toothbrush.\"
    \"for eldar and better hygiene\"
    ok ok very nice job so far and great idea useing the household items also.
    cant wait till its done.:beer:

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    Aren\'t you a clever monkey? Well done!

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    Wow, that is one of the coolest ideas I\'ve seen for ages! lol A revenant out of toothbrushes... genius. Saves you a few quid, too ;) Looking forward to updates on this guy.

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    Thanx for the comments guys.

    Here are some more pics of the titan, after I added more details to the legs (gems, back of knee in the upper part of the leg, the reactors in the ankle, and pins all over the joints).

    I am pretty happy with the pose, but nothing is fixed, yet, so I might change my mind. Ideas and thoughts about the pose are vey welcome.
    The inside of the ankles is not finished yet: I will add cables and tubes, when I have decided the pose.

    \'nough talking; more looking:

    C&C are, ase always, welcome


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    that\'s Brilliant! :o

    it looks great so far! the only think that I think could be done to make this piece better, I would say that you file or sand down the endings of the bottom of the legs, well, not quite file down, just make them sharper, that would be good for the mini, in my oppinion, but of coarse, that is a metter of personal taste! :D

    // Larre

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    OK now i have to start keeping my old toothbrushes!!! Like the pose, it looks so far like its marching to war (Even if one of the pics looks like its doing a Michael Jackson-esque dance!)

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    Well, Oral B! Toothfully this is a great model, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it to their patients.:D:D:D

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    Thanx for the comments so far: keep \'m coming.

    Yesterday I ordered from Neal at the Warstore pilot and cockpit of the eldar warwalker. The Titan head will be like the original: open-able, so to see the pilot... I really can\'t wait to start building it, as it is my most ambitious project.

    Anyhow, I finished the hips today, and tonight I will work on the torso, which is not very easy to do...

    Keep posted for more updates, tomorrow.


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    this is just wicked. cant wait to see it finished.....stu.....

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    Here\'s an idea - for the base, how about using some sprigs of real mint? :D :innocent:

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    With a general discontent from Serena\'s part, I worked on the thing last night too, ending at 1 am, while Serena fell asleep on the couch...

    I have done the torso, chest, hips.

    The cest was done using a paper model, to see the fit. The aim was to use plasticard to make a cone shape, 3,5 cm opening on the top, and 3 cm opening on the bottom, with 2 round shapes on the sides, oval on the top, and round in the bottom... Not at all easy.
    If you think I don\'t even have a real Ravenant Titan for reference, but some 2D pictures I have to try and print to match the 1:1 scale... the thing got even harder.

    After 2 whole hours, I managed to find the right shape: a half moon line shape, I cut out of paper, at first, then on 0,75mm plasticard. I bent it, I glue it and I got a torso. I added details and plaques, and I have myself a nice looking Ravenant torso.
    I glued 2 stripes of plasticard inside the empty torso, and glued the chassie of a pen, which I stuck into the hips I made yesterday.

    Today I will fill the inside of the torso with milliput to make the shoulders.

    The hips were done using those caps that come with toothbrushes, to cover the bristles, cut to fit, with added \"wings\" of brown stuff (which is a lot sturdier and stiff than grey stuff and green stuff).

    The 2 little white wings just over the hips will be holding a pair of reactors.. that I have no idea how to make... I\'ll think of something.

    But, \'nough talking, and more pics.
    The titan cannot stand, ATM, since I still have to drill holes for the pins in the hips... so here is a lying pic:

    and here are 2 reference size pics:

    I will have to add all those stupid gems, and a lot of details.. etc.

    Uh.. I almost forgot, I added gems to the feet too.
    While I like the gems added to the heel, I am not too convinced about the gems I added to the foot: it makes it look like an insect... I might move them a little bit forward.

    C&C are very welcome.


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    looking REALLY good!

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    Wow! Wowesy, Wow, Wow, Wow!
    Not sure what else to say.

    But maybe to coin JamesS\'s Squiggoth, \"Your 100% Bat shit crazy.\" That or some sort of genuis.

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    This is looking really good so far.

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    very cool work so far. I actually really like it with the transparent blue thighs. . . ever consider keeping those unpainted? ;P

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    i wanna see you do the head :D now that looks hard, but im shore youll find a way.....stu.....

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    Maybe something out of a floss packet or something similar aye?

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    Maybe to keep with the theme you could yank out a coupla teeth :D

    Is it safe? ;)

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    @DaN and Bengoodall: lol
    @Stu: I am waiting for the bitz to arrive via mail. I am eager to make the head too... it will be quite challenging.
    @Mud, Roger, Friek: thanx a lot.

    Ok, moving along.

    More work done last night. Serena (my wife) was out a cocktail party with friends of hers, and I was left alone all evening-night...

    On TV there was nothing to see (apart the TV show Dexter, that was aired late at night), so I worked on the titan.

    things I have done:
    1.I was concerned about the sharp angle of the top most chest plaque; so, with my dremmell, I filed it to make it round-ish. I am very satisfied with the result;
    2.I added gems all over (I\'ll add more in the future) and details on the cest;
    3.I built the hip shields;
    4.I created the general shape for the shoulders: I will have to file them and add more layers of detail;
    5.I made it stand up.

    and here are the most recent pics (keep in mind the feet are not attached yet, and that pics were taken while the legs weren\'t fixed, yey). Now the pose is more erect.


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