Looking For Alt VC Black Knight Models!
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Thread: Looking For Alt VC Black Knight Models!

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    Default Looking For Alt VC Black Knight Models!

    Hey guys I am building a VC army and I am looking for some models to use as their Black Knights cuz I don\'t really like GW\'s models for the.

    I got the Gamezone Vampire Knights for my blood knights because I love their models so if someone can link me some sweet skeletal horsemen that would be awesome.

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    Seriously, here's what I did: get a bunch of old Bretonnian Knights off ebay (dirt cheap by now), remove knight's heads, replace with ones from the skeleton sprue - presto: Black Knights with heavy armour, plus with the tabards on the horses, you can choose field them as having, y'know, barding! GW really dropped the ball on armored skellie horses...

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    I did pretty much the same thing - Used Empire Knights with zombie heads. I have another unit where I used Empire Knights, then ordered a bunch of the heads from the Dark Emmisary - I think- from that campaign a few years back - added cloaks from old Chaos Warriors. - Looks pretty reasonable and distinct - sort of like the Ring Wraiths from LOTR.
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