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    Default Question about High Elf unit formation

    I\'m getting back to painting my high elf army. I have not designed an army, I bought a bunch of cheap minis and had others gifted to me, so I\'m building an army around the minis I have.

    So here\'s my question:
    I have exactly 36 archers, not counting heroes, champions, musicians etc.
    Should I divide them into 3 groups of 12, 2 groups of 18, or have one of 36?

    Specifically I\'m thinking about the paint scheme. I need to know if I should paint 12 one way, 12 another, 12 a third; 18 one way, 18 another; or just paint all 36 the same?

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    Id go for three units of 12

    36 is just to big to be useful.

    Id paint them all the same but do each unit with a slightly different symbol for example

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    where would i put a symbol?
    I suppose I could do them with different colored bows.

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    My guess is that 12 each would be best, although that\'s going on what wood elf units are best.

    Looking at the libraium online forums, it seems the HE archers are commonly used in units of 10, and usually it seems maybe just the one unit, maybe two. Of course, that\'s probably for those people who want a cookie-cutter army.

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    maybe some sort of rune on their clothes?

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    I was going to share my wisdom here but I refuse to comment on anything to do with elves :P

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    Ok, what\'s wrong with elves? I know I don\'t like High Elves for the same reason I don\'t like Eldar, but what\'s your reason?

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    The solution occurred to me last night.
    I will paint one group of 12 and one group of 24.
    That way, I could field 3 groups if I want, and the fact that 2 look alike isn\'t such a bad thing, but if I want to field 2 groups of 10-12 or one group of 20, then I can field 2 distinct goups or one cohesive larger group.

    It\'s going to be a pain painting 24 identical elves though.

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    Don\'t paint them identical then. Give one a moustache, another a nose piercing, and so on. :P

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    Think i\'ll add my 2 cents here as i used a HE army in last years Heat 1 of the GT - id go for 3 units of 12, and try and add a mage with each unit. If you can as well, what you might find usefull is 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - using the volly fire rule mine made a lovely mess, while my mages where kinda safe on the hill to shoot spells into the enemy.....

    @Undave - wouldn\'t have anything to do with Dwarves would it? :P

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    I actually used to like stunties but I\'ve gone off them a bit in recent years. I\'ve never liked poncy high Elves though :P

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    Bet you wouldn\'t be saying that if you had one of the new dragons breathing fire up your...yes well anyways....anyone got any of the new stuff yet?

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    Not personally yet, but I have painted the Lion chariot for the coventry store and it is a right sexy bit of kit!

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    The lions have HUUUUUGE beards nuff said :P

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    I would paint some spear doods and turn half of you archers into seagaurd. Just paint them a blue/green color.

    Seagaurd ROCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Groups of 10. Minimum size - yes, but if the enemy decides to use, say a ratling gun or other multiple shot thing, they can only kill 10. have them in a single line so all can fire. If you have over 10, then they can block your friendly movement too much.

    unless you are using hills, which is when i would say 20 in 2 lines of 10.

    I wouldn\'t bother with seaguard. They only have bows, not long bows.

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    what is wrong with high elves, the only thing what is wrong is how you see them as beings, i see them as battle harded, almost exstinct. fighting on the goodside because no one else does it(exept some peepants army called empire). they are not "tickle me with your love,because the world is a shiny happy place" elves ...

    but thats yust me speaking

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    Go for 3 units of 12; more manouverable if needed, more choice of target and more targets your enemy has to deal with. Just getting my high elf army started too.

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