Shining Spears or Harlequins?
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Thread: Shining Spears or Harlequins?

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    Default Shining Spears or Harlequins?

    i have around 1700 pts of eldar and i needed some more Close Combat troops. i was wondering which is a better choice the Harlequins or the Shining Spears.

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    Harlequins!! For sure. And the new range of models for them are lovely

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    yeah the models are cool but what are their disadvantages and advantages compared to the shining spears.

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    Default Close Combat

    Since you were looking for Close Combat, the Harlies beat the Spears hands down (IMHO):innocent:.
    But if you want the hit and run with emphasis on the HIT :flame:go with the Spears.
    Like most of the Eldar Pantheon, it really depends quite specifically on your style of play and the tactics you employ.
    In my experience, when sticking your neck out to try something new with the pointy-eared ones, expect to get your head lopped off a couple times at first, but pay attention to what did and didn\'t work and you should iron your tactics into a finely-honed blade of prwecision and grace, ...kind of fitting...;)

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    Harlequins are:
    - vastly more efficient at killing just about anything your opponent has than SSs
    - with the right tactics far harder to kill than SSs
    - extremely fast and maneuverable
    - a much scarier prospect for every 40k army to be facing

    So I\'d really recommend you go for them. You only need to take a quick glance over their stats, special rules, weapons and options to see that they are the logical choice.

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