Its finally submitted! (big pics!)
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Thread: Its finally submitted! (big pics!)

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    Default Its finally submitted! (big pics!)

    I have finally sorted out a \'first submit\' for this beast!

    Just have a look, I will be submitting more views because its just too damn BIG! Please vote, comment any questions please add them here, I will drop by most night to answer anything.

    BTW it gold gold at this years GD :D

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    First reply (unless someone snipes it) ;)

    Wow, nice clean painting. I really like the armored guy in the moat. I\'m not sure what he was doing or how he floats in his armor, but he\'s really neat anyway. The ogre with mouth for tummy is scary looking.

    Great job!

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    but the official submission\'s pics are far too small. Hope most people see this thread for the best pics.

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    The pics will never do it justice, but it stills looks brilliant.
    Such a well deserved win.

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    Man thats awesome. Love the detail. the dood in the moat rocks (so to speak).

    Voted. And congrats.

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    Donga, that is a well deserved win. That piece is fabulous.

    What is that thing with the mouth in the middle?

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    very well done and a well deserved win.

    cheers uber

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    I would love to see this in person, there is so many little details that build it up as a whole. Well done on the win.

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    I think the \"thing with the mouth\" is a Chaos Ogre, I\'ve seen a few with mutant mouths in their bellies. Kinda fits with the ogre mentality, skip the middle man and go straight for the good stuff.

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    That\'s superb. A really well put together scene.

    @Tokenartguy. I think the guy in the river is lying on the ladder.

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    it\'s awesome on all that the old nurgle belly for the mouth???
    my favourite thing is the moat itself how rather than just a flat clear bit of resin you\'ve added the leaves etc that give it such a nice real feel and add great murky looking depth..
    a piece that will never be done justice in photos....

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    I bet you emerged from your room like a caveman after winter, loads of shite stuck in your beard, blinking in the harsh light...

    That is cracking and just a tad old-skool too. I feel a bit nostalgic seeing something on this scale and I get a feeling of flicking through old WD\'s (circa 90-100) and seeing these giant skirmishes.

    Bootiful my friend!

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    just wish i could have got a realy good look at it at gd uk.

    shit hot mate, little stories throughout the entire piece. :)

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    Wow, love this diorama. Great movement and the paintjob and conversions looks spot on. Many details and minis to look at but not over the top.

    Too bad the submission pics are so small. They really don´t do this piece justice. But well, 10 from me without doubts.

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    just noticed on the submission pics the hazard stripes underneath the murder holes lol

    always nice seeing a bit of humour sneaked into a piece. :)

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    @ generul, just come to york store if you want a good look, its on the top shelf, so that i cant see it. I will look at it in awe every sunday (games night) until donga takes it home.:(


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    \'Tis a work of immense commitment and skill no less!

    A stupidly well deserved win D!

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    Thanks everyone!

    Rev: The beard had twigs and the odd badger \'floating\' init. Damn you floating resin gel stuff!!!

    I will be submitting some bigger single pics later, when I can be arsed!

    I am a lazy lazy man!

    (contrary to evidence)

    Again a big THANK YOU!!!!!!

    @Scotty/Spacemunkie: I said we had to up our game to win something lol

    @Nigel/Talonicus: Thanks for the comments, it\'s much appreciated and I hope we can cross swords next year (I\'ve started mine). mental!

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    There\'s no way I\'m spending that amount of time on anything I produce!

    If it can\'t be done in 20 hours or less, it aint worth doing!


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    You have started yours?
    You are a mad nutter.
    I have to get enthuiastic about it first.
    Anyway salute is my next project, I want the top prize at that.
    Then euro/gd and ravage.
    Busy year planned.

    I\'m really just make excuses for you winning again.


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