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    whoa! thats something to wake me up with! i could say more, but i\'ll just say... your client is damn lucky.And possibly rich.


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    Little update after a pause.

    At first i wasnt going to do nothing on titan hips but I decided otherwise.
    heres some pics.

    Wip pics of the parts i worked on so far, mind i just filled back fins with spikes about 50% so still needs more work.

    and some cocnepts of what im planing for

    the head



    And arm i forgot to post


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    Default Beautiful

    That is beautiful. I can\'t wait to see it completed, it\'ll be breathtaking.

    How much green stuff have you used so far? I\'m sure that\'ll add some weight to it.

    Excellent work!

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    What a transformation froma plain titan cast to something spectacular.

    Congrats on the amount of work you have put into this, the cliant must be more than happy with it and after all this work put into it I hope he has a very good painter in mind to paint it up as a show piece.

    Can\'t wait to see the project completed and on its base :D

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    wow! I love the transition from your blank white piece to concept drawing to the sculpt, the entire process is beautiful, as is the mini! Keep it up man, I\' salivating! :redface:

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    So far i have spended 2.5 big boxes of GS... my guess is probably 4 to finish up titan.
    The sketches are kind of mandatory since theres no way i can explain to client what I intend to do, although i sometimes get carried away and just cant stop to make a sketch of whats in my mind, so i just sculpt... thats what happened with the hips lol

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    The sculpting work is pretty spectacular. Great work so far Navarro.

    Cant wait to see him finished, lets just hope the titan arrives to the client in its entirety. For anything to happen would be a damn shame

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    I could do that.

    I just don\'t want to :]

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    I will have to make a huge shipping box for this one, have no idea how...

    And another small update.

    This time I changed one of the titans shoulder pads because client didnt like much the big heart on the middle of it, so I added a big eldar rune on the middle of it, like client sugested...I think it looks better, lets hope I\'m not the only one hehe.

    Little by little I\'m conquering this titan...

    I\'m looking at the legs and left one will be repositioned to a more dinamic pose... its going to be hard to pull this off, wish me luck.

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    Updated titan project

    Shoulder pad with heart will not be trashed but I will have to add more vines to the heart...

    Also managed to finish the head convo, its simple stuff and I hope it will stand out a lot from the packed with details back fins. My goal is to achieve a good balance between detailed heavy parts and clean parts.


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    wow this is really amazing work. I totally envy your skill. :o

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    Default Still alive and kickin

    Hi all, the titan is one step closer to the end ( sorry for huge pause on updates).

    These are my leg sugestion for this project, repositioned one, decorated both, starting messing with base and hoping client likes the legs.

    Theres a little csm on the base for scale.

    Here you go folks, and thanks for support even if i take time between posts.

    legs front view

    Legs back view

    Legs left view

    Legs right view


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    Best eldar titan I\'ve ever seen. Fantastic and you inspired me to try a few new sculpts down the road. Very enjoyable. :cool:

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    This is beautiful, and makes me wish that I had the talent and gift that you have with sculpting--or that I could afford to have you sculpt for me :)

    Its absolutely incredible and I hope that you have had fun creating the designs, because its stunning.

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    fantastic work. You really breathed life into the model. and if i had the money id ask you to comission me another one lol.

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    To be honest I\'m very tired of this Titan, its just so big that I\'m glad its almost over.

    I will not do another thing of this kind anytime soon, I miss the 28mm minis.:)

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    I was looking at this titan and my mum came in asking for something. I tried to talk to her but all I could say was: Uhh... dahh.. wha... wow... wo.. awa? wa?

    This + the song \'Still loving you\' of Sonata Arctica = heaven

    I\'ve picked myself together for this reply.. Insane good work, I really can\'t wait how it\'s gonna look like when its painted:O If your painting skills are half as good as your green stuffing I\'d still vote a full 10

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    Originally posted by NAVARRO
    ...Like me he is a bit nuts since he waited for a sculptor to ship his titan relic to then ship to a good painter ( I pity the man that is going to paint all those details im sculpting :D )

    Speaking of shipping im going to have to be really creative with a resistant box for this lol
    Too bad you are not going to paint this one yourself, talk about a slayer sword winner....

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    It\'s the time to close this blog.
    I finished the Eldar Phantom Titan... Took me about 2 years and drained me completly.
    This project was so far the biggest challenge to my endurance, almost drived me nuts but its over now and I just hope client likes it.

    Tried some diferent concepts, I had in my mind, and kind of worked out the way I planned to. Not overthetop but high detailed, hard balance to get it right in these scales but I think its a positive result.
    After all this time I think I\'m now a more experienced sculptor and probably would change some parts, yet its time to close this door.

    Thank you all that keept giving me energies and motivation to carry on II really apreciated it.
    To all I leave the final pics.

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