To celebrate Armorcast's release of the Medievil line of buildings Armorcast and Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop have put together a cool Oktoberfest / Holiday drinking party. First of all you need a place to throw the party - A roomy one story tavern, fully detailed (inside and out) with bar, interior kitchen wall and roasting pig in the kitchen firplace. The roof is removable for interior figure placement. The tavern can match up with the inn to make a tavern/inn combo. Sculpted by Anthony Colasante. Now the partiers, Boyo Biggins, Halfling Short Order Cook sculpted by Ginfritter, Fritz Grossendupa, Blowing Foam of of is Beer and Hurely Ralphson Sculpted by Kevin Contos. This sale will be on until 11-24-07.
Also the Halloween sale on all graveyard, bone and dead trees end Wednesday at Midnight.