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    hello everyone!

    I finally made it back from my trip around the world hehe, wow it was so amazing, all the incredible sights and meeting many of the great painters at last! It was a dream, and now it\'s all a blur haha. I will put together a big report of the trip with lots of photos soon, I\'ll probably post it as a report on my site. :)

    So, now to the minis! I decided the split them up into different threads, just to try to make it a little better for those with slower many photos as it is, and if I had them all on the one page I think some people\'s computer may blow up (I know my own comp. would never recover haha). I have already posted these photos on a couple of forums around the place, but I thought I might as well post them here on CMON too; sorry if some of you are already sick of seeing them!

    First up we have the nurgle marine mutant, the first mini I made of the 4 I made for my trip, and my entry for 40k single mini at UK GD this year. I did most of this one back in June I think - it seems like a long time ago now!

    The inspiration came mainly from a piece of artwork in the chaos marine codex (the old codex now I guess!). If you want to check it out, it\'s on page 63, the \'rise of daemon prince periclitor\' or something like that\'s a black and white artwork, and it should be pretty obvious which figure I was looking at ;)

    To make the mini, I used a plastic space marine torso and legs to start, then cut the legs at all the joints and re-arranged them in the position I wanted using pins etc.. Then I sculpted the nurgle armour over the top, using the plastic marine as the basic structure. I wanted the nurgle marine to be a lot bulkier and more heavy-looking than normal marines, so it helped to have the plastic one inside, because it meant that it automatically became more chunky. The armour is sculpted with a mix of greenstuff and milliput yellow-grey - the rest is plain greenstuff.

    For the painting, a lot of inspiration came from Cyril\'s nurgle marine from the Ravage Mix Open last year - different shades of green and so on. I wanted to try something more complex and ambitious with the weathering, making the damage more extensive. It was a bit of an experiment - there was a lot of frustration and heartache involved haha, and I wasn\'t happy with the finished result, but hopefully it looks ok!

    I will write a more extensive explanation of the painting methods, colours etc. on my website soon.

    ANyway, there you go! I really cannot believe that it won gold, it is an absolute dream come true. You should have seen how nervous I was all day at GD haha, oh my...and then how excited I was when I realised I had won something hahaha, it was so amazing!!!

    So of course, any questions or criticisms or discussion or whatever are welcome, as always - we\'re all friends ;)

    here\'s the CMON link haha, sorry I had to do it :P

    Well - I hope you enjoy it! I had problems getting good photos, so in the end I had to be satisfied with these: not the best, but ok I hope.

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    Another superb figure - this one has some of the best weathering I\'ve ever seen. You\'re beating Cyril at his own game now! :D The sculpting is awesome, very simple and clean, but so effective. That mantis-like arm is great, and the face is amazing. And the painting is perfect, as always; your colour choices always work so well. I really like the blues on this one. A perfect 10, like the Skaven ;)

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    Oh that is f-ing fantastic.

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    This is an awsome mini congratulations on gold and gold for your skaven, you deserved it :beer:. The sculpt is awsome, and i love the paint job, and the weathering is amazing.


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    Fantabulous. Yet again, my jealousy runs unabated. Is that biohazard symbol a label? If its no that is some amazing freehand.

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    love it, deserved the gold. what is the marines armour made of, amix of green stuff and...
    p.s the biohazard symbol is the best freehand i have seen :wow:


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    Well i\'v already commented on a different forum, but il never get sick of seeing this!

    But IMO, you are one of the very best in the world at sci-fi/fantasy miniature painting now.

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    Originally posted by rosac
    love it, deserved the gold. what is the marines armour made of, amix of green stuff and...
    Originally posted by automaton
    The armour is sculpted with a mix of greenstuff and milliput yellow-grey - the rest is plain greenstuff.

    great work! was great to see it in the flesh

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    Coming away with golds in both single categories proves that you are absolutely one of the best painters in the world! I managed to get a close(ish) look at this in the cabinets and I am amazed at the smoothness and fineness of your certainly deserved both those awards, truly top class stuff!


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    i like this very much and i feel that the painting has really added to the sculpt.

    i do however think the gun hand is very flat and needs more detail. another thing to nitpick on is the chest plate. i feel it works well with the paint but almost feels as if it is too big for the body to fit with.

    please note that these are nitpicks. but just some creative criticism that i thought you might like to hear.

    a solid 9.2



    p.s. your skaven is also amazing and i feel stronger than this. :)

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    I thought the exact same as Bill when I saw this. Easily better than Cyril\'s weathering/scratch techniques! The weathering is pure, unadultered insanity!

    And the way that you took a simple sculpt and made it look intricate is brilliant!

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    Wow, beautiful :D well worth a big 10

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    Thank you very much for the very kind comments everyone, I am very happy that you like it! :D

    I don\'t know about being better than cyril\'s weathering haha, the thing I love about his is that it is so delicate and natural-looking, whereas I think mine on this mini looked a bit too forced...but oh well haha :P

    The biohazard symbol, yes it was a nightmare to paint, took ages! It\'s tricky because it is essentially 4 overlapping circles, and circles are the most difficult thing to paint I think...they so easily become strange shapes hehe.

    uberdark - I know what you are saying about the huge chest/torso armour part, but I like it that way - I wanted him to look strange and bloated with his each to their own I guess. With the right hand, yes I know about that one as well hehe...I don\'t know if I would call it flat exactly - there is a lot of variation in tone there - but the problem is mainly with the sculpting, which was a bit lacking. IT was one of the last bits I made for the mini and I was sick of it and did it in a rush, thinking \"who cares, nobody will notice it anyway...\" Looks like I was wrong though haha

    Thanks again everyone!

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    You are sick, that mini is sick and it\'s people like you that are the reason that cowards like me no longer paint lol

    It\'s so much easier to just wait for the likes of you to churn out the next masterpiece.

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    Default Extreme brush insanity!

    You\'re in a league all of your own!!!

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    Boss. F-ing boss hog. :wow:

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    thanks guys, you are too nice :)

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