Help needed! Eldar Warithlord Pose - What do you think.
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Thread: Help needed! Eldar Warithlord Pose - What do you think.

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    Default Help needed! Eldar Warithlord Pose - What do you think.

    Hi I\'m currently converting two Eldar Wraithlords for my Eldar Army. One will for be for closeup Action (lets call him Mr.A) and the other a \"Shooty\" One (Mr.B).

    I already changed the Legs and the hand parts. Giving Mr.A a twohanded phantomsword and Mr.B a real big Sniperrifle. So far, so good.

    The Problem is this: After trying arround with the legs, puting the legs supposed to be for Mr.A on Mr.B and vice versa I\'m totally confused what looks good and what not....

    So here are some pics (They are quickly made, low quality sorry). .

    Mr. A as planned (and the reference out of the 7 samurai film):

    And thats Mr.B as planned. The rifle will be at a higher position when its finished (its only sticked together for photo), aiming somewhere in front of him (and hopefully will hit). The Base is already finshed for the legs:

    And thats what you get when you mix \'em:
    First Pose looks cool and is the reason why I\'m so confused now:

    Second looks...not so good...hmm (Perhaps he\'s going for a pee!?)(or he has been a necron in his former life??)

    Well, THX for reading. Tell me what you think!? Critics, comments, HEEEEelllp...Anything is welcome.

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    1st and 2nd pose are the best, is the rifle going to be positioned higher?

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    Orginal gepostet von prominentdementia
    is the rifle going to be positioned higher?
    Yes, the rifle will be higher. I try to make it look like he\'s aiming at something. So the gun will be horizontal at the end.

    Thx for your help. So I guess I stick with my plans.

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    Is it possible to turn the head on the first one more sideways like the samurai?

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    Yeah I was thinking about that too. Its possible, but that would include the use of some heavy green doing. And I\'m not very good at that. Well worth a try!

    And thx for Comment!

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    Default Update

    I worked a little bit on the head of my \"Scorpion close combat\" Wraithlord. Here are the changes:

    And front view:

    Only think thats makes worry is the neck at a close look:

    Yikes! That will be a lot of work. When I start to convert it there I think I\'ll go crazy and convert the whole thing ^^. Perhaps giving him the \"Predator\" Hair of the new edition scorpions and some details/changes on the flamer mandi.

    What you think of the Mandible Flamer? Looks shit or could work?
    And I\'m thinking about giving it the scorpion colour scheme and not my craftworld colours. Would that be better?

    And yet there are more questions to come! Here\'s the laserlance rifle for my second Wraithlord:

    What you think of the white stripes on it? And the black detail at the lance? Don\'t know if I like em or not...And there will be a cable connection to the wraithlord hand later...

    Well Thx for reading again. Hopefully you got some ideas, critics?

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    Hmm, I worked on the head. My FIRST time green conversation.

    There will be some more conversations, but nothing too big. And that sure was some dirty job. Any tricks on how to keep the model clean? ^^
    And had to redo some stuff just cause my clumsy fingers destroyed it...well still have a lot to learn with using Green Stuff. Until now I only used for stiffing up the holes I made and filling gaps.
    And yeah, the blue thing is paper. Don\'t know if thats a no do? ^^ It work fine to make the shape.

    So what you think?

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    Helmet looks good, after the gs cures, use an exacto knife, and some files and make the edges sharp. other than that, a very impressive first attempt, keep it up.

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    WEll the Question of the pose is finished, but I\'ll keep the blog open to post my WIP.

    Hopefully you\'re interested. And since I\'m still trying to learn new things all infos and critics are welcome.

    So. I finally bought me some materials for sculpting today. That sculpting yesterday with the normal plastic knife was a little bit difficult. Perhaps the other Conversions will become cleaner now.
    Also I got me some stuff for the \"Scorpion dreadlocks\" and my old headphones had to die. I used the cable as basis for the dreads. I\'m just wondering if I should paint them? Or should I let it be as it looks now? Maybe add some runes on the golden perls? or some GS gems...hmm. Any Ideas?

    Its not fixed yet. I have to think on how to get a good position for the dreads.

    Well and here\'s a preview on the base the little fella will stand:

    Still a lot of work to do there too. Until next time!

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    Very nice.
    I really like the dreadloks, but I suggest to paint them, as things left in their \"natural\" color might look wierd compared to painted parts.

    I also like the base a lot. What is it made of? How di you cut it?


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    OMG dude....
    this is awesome!!!!!!!!!
    the samari pose is brilliant.....
    with the rifle wraith lord, cock his head up, like he is looking down range after a shot, or cock his head to the side (kinda like a dog does) like he is contemplating a shot.

    these poses (and bases) are amazing.

    Go slow with the painting. please! these will be astronomical at the end if you just go slow.

    hells bells, ill give you any help i can give (for what its worth)....
    any questions on this thread (or pm) and ill give you my two cents (again for what its worth, ive only been painting for 2 years)
    also, try to incorporate your skills from canvas onto the mini, lots of people on this forum have the added benfit of having those skills so utilize them........

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    that gun, the painting is wonderful, and i can see you took time with the gems.

    its up to you if you want the armor or the wraithbone of the gun to \"pop\" by adding yellow or orange or even white highlights. as it is now, very nice, with a nice \"realistic\" (because seriously, who wants a shiney gun on the battlefield) touch, plus those little details you added )the weird little dotted pattern on the barrel) make all the diffrence.

    the head on the the wraithlord, wonderful, and i am not blowing smoke up your rear....
    and with cleaning, you can use a toothbrush with soap on it.....lightly scrub off the dust and oil, that will be a big deal to do before you prime it (dirt and oil make priming a pain, and it will look very poor if it isnt clean, ruining all your work.)

    now if the paper will disolve with water (or get soggy, it probably would) get some acrylic gloss coat that you can \"paint\" on. they sell that cheap at hobby stores and art stores. this will help it hold its shape. just do multiple thin coats on the paper (which shouldnt be too dirty anyway, and if it is, it should be ok as long as what the primer connects to is clean) and once you have the paper really nice and stiff from the acrylic coat/gloss coat, it can be cleaned as normal.

    dont worry about little mistakes in your (very good in my opinion) sculpting) this can be rectified with good painting (i always use strong highlights to make people look away from errors). also, you can go to the auto paint store or industrial paint store and buy 1000-5000 grade sandpaper and smooth the sculpt (it is VERY super fine sand paper).

    as for the cammo, i would pic pieces out, like a elbow joints or the shoulder pads and paint a diffrent shade of blue, or black, giving you a surface to free hand on. you can also highlight the cammo depending on where your \"light source\" is coming from...

    last, and i really wanted to do this but im no good at this, i would add a chain sword either to his forarm, or (and this would be really hard to pull off without looking like a douche) on his fingers........that would. be. cool.
    or it might be too much, i dunno.

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    Hmmm, I can see a predator feel here with the dreads. O love the pose and great GS beings as uve never used it before. Ive never tried either but i know I would\'nt be able to do that

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    Thank you all for the replies and especially @uglyamerican for the honest and good critics.

    First I guess I post a pic of the things I did recently:

    As you can see, the dreads are connected with the head already. I tried GW Greenstuff on the face details but was somewhat disappointed. Its like chewinggum (so sticky), very hard to get good clean surfaces. Even when its hard its difficult to cut it. SO I guess I go with Miliput for such projects in the future. Hopefully my try didn\'t ruin the head.
    On the other Hand its cool to do fine thin things with the GW Greenstuff. You can make great Tentacles or hair or even clothes and stuff.

    @ikim: Yes, guess you\'re right I will paint them.

    I changed the platearmor so that it does fit better to the head. And I changed the blade to a chainsword more fitting to the \"scorpion\" background of the wraithlord (as uglyamerican wrote, but I don\'t know what you mean with chains on the fingers?? But I think thats enough chain, otherwise I think he would go more in the Chaos-Robot area :) )

    I will do two additional shoulder plates, want them to look like the ones samurai had. And I\'ll train more with green stuff, making runes on the armorplates and some minor changes to the armor.

    This weekend I\'m off to my hometown, so there will be not much work until Monday on that model. The sniper Lord has to wait until this one is \"ready\" to paint. I don\'t want to change as many things to my sniper lord. And I WILL TRY to give my best when painting them.
    Well the cammo problem will be solved on the scorpion one. I will paint him in the yellow/green colours of the scorpions you see on the cover of the eldar scourcebook. Well at least I want to try.

    Well Critics, Comments all is welcome. Until nex time!

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    Default the base a lot. What is it made of?
    It was already cut. I found it at a local paper/book shop. Guess its used for flower arangements or something.. I was so happy when I found them. There were many forms, circles and even some kind of chinese symbols (I used the half of those symbols on top of that eldar structure) And they where cheap, the most expensive one cost 2,20 Euro. I tried to find a label of the producer, but I couldn\'t find any. I\'ll ask about it next time I visit the shop.

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    Default Taking my acryl painting technique to my minis

    Finally you got me...This Wraithlord building will go forever as I got crazy about it, lol. No fast playing army in sight... *sigh*

    But, I\'m really satisfied with the outcome of the banner for my wraith. I trained some blending on the back and did some comicstyle character on the front of it. It should be Iyanna Arienal.

    Now there are only 99 other parts to paint =)

    [Critics, Comments are always welcome]

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    Default you. make. me. look. like. garbage


    you are awesome! when your guys are on the table you will AWE them into submission (and possibly get those dork who play with unpainted minis to get theirs painted.....making for a much funner game!)

    dude, you will inspire (you are totally getting me pumped up to be goofy and try diffrent stuff)....

    this is SO COOL what you are doing.

    as for going slow, it looks like you are smoking through this mini (and be honest, are you not more proud AND having more fun doing it? its not a chore anymore (im a poet). instead of looking at it going \"ugh its done\" you can sit back and laugh as it just gets more awesome and awesome with each brush stroke).

    now all you have to do is insure you have a good color composition. because you are canvas painter, you know what i am talking about. like if you have a totally red mini, and want to add, say green as a contrasting color, you dont just do it half hazardly, you have to \"link\" them.
    i got this off the top 7 days,,,,,

    see how you can draw a line from each place red is, and it almost makes like a box or polygon? its not all random, the points are linked as to not draw they eye to one specific point on the model with the contrasting colors.......the way he did it makes you take the whole thing in...

    or you can go the opposite way, by just highlighting one focal point, say the eyes or the gem in a central position, that makes the focal point in center and draws the eye which can be cool if done right.

    you DONT want to put a contrasting color in a weird spot like just on one shoulder pad (i wouldnt). its ok if one spot is a diffrent color but if its a contrasting color to the base color it throws the model off in most instances.....

    in your case you can do that funky cammo all over and link that electric green with the central gem on the wraithlords head, and if you want to get wakky, you can do all the gems in green OR in a complemetary color to the green, say a nice pastel purple (i wouldnt do a dark color for the gems, it might get lost in all the dark cammo).

    this model, when done, is GOING TO exploded on the ratings....

    you are awesome sir.

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    oh and one more thing...think about fading the symbols on the cloth to a more visible color on the bottom of the cloth....

    i dont know which color.....that is hard, but like at the top set of symbols have them mostly white with a tad of the new color, and as you go down the cloth blend in more and more of the color until at the bottom you have mostly the new color with highlights of white....

    (dont use red)

    maybe purple, or or a really rich blue (not ice, more like storm blue or night blue with white it or even graveyard earth, try it on a piece of paper first....graveyard earth is a good substitute for white when doing highlights, it just looks diffrent in a cool way)

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    Default here is an example of central focus

    i know i know
    self pandering is so sad

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    First of all thanks for the comments. The photo of the runes is not the best, so actually you can read them and they blur only at the bottom end.

    Well I had some pause painting the mini, but this week I started again and did paint the base. Here\'\'s the status quo:

    The runes on the transparent plastic should actually look like an activated entrance to the eldar warp net. So it tried to make them look like they are flying...hmm don\'t know if it worked.

    Besides that I actually think about giving it some more derelict touch. Like giving some growth and vegetation over it. What you think so far?

    Another thing that keeps me worried is the head. I already have the coloursheme for the head. It should look quite like the heads of the scorpions on the cover of the eldar scourcebook. But because wraithlords have no eyes, I tried to make a strong (chrom!?) reflecting visor. Thats how I came out:

    The Visor will be the Y-shape thing in the middle. So I was wondering if it looks good? Or should I paint it all black and do some red lights/runes effect (matrixs like) on it?
    (the rest of the head is just base coated)

    Hmm.. Comments are welcome

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