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Thread: Help needed! Eldar Warithlord Pose - What do you think.

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    I like thing transparent glass idea, but.....
    The runes are to \"solid\". I\'m thinking that you could use a thinner paint and work it up in more layers, maybe start with a dark green to a lighter with white as a extreme highlight. Maybe with the second row behind the flying rune faded back. Idea would be the ending (and for that matter anytime a character is on the net) from the \"Ghost in the Shell\" series. Other then that this is looking to be a very nice WIP for both Lords. Keep it up.

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    Default come on

    come on dude....i need inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    base and poses are great and the dreadlocks are a very neat idea great wip page look forward to seein these two finished, keep it up! :o

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    Ha - I just noticed something :)

    green conversation
    Did it say much? lol

    Seriously, we needs updates, this is a cool wraithlord

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