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    Hi folks,

    usually I don\'t have time to really work on improving my techniques so I did not post any minis here, but recently I got more motivated, took my time and tried to go all out on this nice sculpt, Tarik from Helldorado:

    The flashy sword colors were necessary to fit him into the customer\'s army scheme. And the skull on his base was intended to glow to incorporate the sword\'s colors into the basing, but obviously the OSL effect is a bit weak and irritating in combination with the sword\'s position.

    Any comments and criticism is well appreciated and thanks for looking!

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    a good piece. as you mentioned, the osl is annoying. i\'d prefer some darker shading (and slightly less blue) on the sword but the customer is always right eh?!

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    cool you can see the work you\'ve been doing the armour is lovely...some things customers want can be a real PITA but hey ho what they want is what they get.... very nice work though ..must get myself some of these figs they look like fun sculpts...

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    It\'s good, I find that as the rest of the colour palette is very similar, the sword really drags your attention to it, but, what you gonna do?
    I think another contrasting colour on the guy would have been cool, maybe the turban, matching the sash, but great job. Voted

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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Do you think there is anything else besides the sword and base that\'s wrong or dragging the mini down? Because I really tried to get the skin, face and overall lighting down and would like to know if I\'m on the right track there?

    Oh and here is a direct link to the eagle for the lazy ones ;) http://www.coolminiornot.com/173182

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    I like this piece, a thing I have had a problem with on your other paintjob\'s is that they looked, well, \"dipped\"


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