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    An update to the Rare Limited Edition Blood Bowl Chaos All-Stars team!

    Through a generous donation we have a new miniature that will be included with the auction. This miniature is of a fantasy fantasy football evil elf thrower that can also represent Rex Farsight, who was also part of the Chaos All Stars at some point.

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    All of the following auctions have been very generously donated by \"The Bearded Snot\" from the Forum of Doom to help with the cost of Alex\'s hearing aids.

    Italian Cavalry Man XVI Bust, resin cast in 1/6th scale. It features intricate armor work that sports a dragon, a woman and numerous highly detailed scenes and filigree. This bust was sculpted by the excellent sculptor J.M. Danel.

    Auction Link.

    Out of production Poste Militaire 75mm Macbeth 1057 A.D. This kit is 90mm scale and cast in white metal. This model includes a history of MacBeth.

    Auction Link.

    Out of production Poste Militaire 90mm Crow Warrior. This excellent historical kit is metal cast, designed by Julian Hullis

    Auction Link.

    Wilmor Series Gypsy Camp Flats. 36 flat miniatures each containing a wealth of exquisite detail on both sides.

    Auction Link.

    French White dwarf n°100 magazine with Limited Edition Grombrindar

    Auction Link.

    Ral Partha Shadowrun Meta Human Subtype

    Auction Link.

    Rackham Varghar Limited Edition

    Auction Link.

    Grenadier Julie Guthrie Halfling Scout. From the Fantasy Personalities line, this scout and its blister from 1987 are in excellent condition.

    Auction Link.

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    We wanted to thank everyone so very much because our goal is in sight with only 1,000.00 USD to go!

    Thank you everyone for the well wishes, they have kept our spirits up when we throught we would never make any progress. Through everyone\'s help, our goal is in sight and when we reach it we will have the best Christmas gift that we could ever wish for!

    We feel that with the auctions and promotions now running and the remaining auctions to go up tonight and tomorrow, that we can complete the remaining 1k. We are very grateful for all the offers of items, but at this point it is likely that we will have raised the funds before they could be put up for auction or would reach the goal before their auction period would be up.

    While Alexander may not have actual hearing aids by Christmas (due to the 2 week waiting period for them to be made), we hope to get them fitted and the aids ordered by then. If that is the case, he will be hearing by the first of the year!


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    New auctions:

    Leading Edge Aliens Powerloader Pack
    Leading Edge Aliens 4 Alien Warriors

    Kenzer & Co Fairy Meat Gremlins
    Kenzer & Co. Hackmaster miniatures (3)

    Confrontation LTD Syd de Kaiber

    Days of Wonder Plastic Promo Figure

    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Birthright Gorgon
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Birthright Hag of Muden
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Birthright Magian
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Birthright Manticore
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Birthright Raven

    Ral Partha AD&D Dragonlance the Red Dragon of Krynn
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Dragonlance Elminster
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Dragonlance Laurana

    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Arawn
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Cronus the Titan
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Duke Rowan
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Factol Sarin
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Gael Glittergold
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Gruumsch
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Hades
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Karris the Indep
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Lord Graz\'zt
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Lord Pazrael
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Skerrit
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Tyr
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Vampire
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Maglubiyet
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Planescape Rhoubhe Manslayer
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Placescape Lady of Pain Badge

    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Denizens of Ravenloft Boxed Set
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Ravenloft Castle Forlorn Boxed Set
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Ravenloft Dr. Mordenheim\'s Lab

    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Forgotten Realms Menzoberranzan Boxed Set

    Ral Partha TSR Shadowrun The Feathered Serpent Boxed Set

    Ral Partha AD&D Wilderness Warriors
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Lot 2 w/ 4 Figures
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Lot 3 w/ 4 Figures
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Lot 5 w/ 4 figures
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Lot 6 w/ 5 Figures
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Lot 8 w/ 5 Figures
    Ral Partha TSR AD&D Female Zombie

    Ral Partha Larry Elmore Snarfquest Boxed Set
    Ral Partha Traveling Troop

    Reaper Gauth Dragon Boxed
    Reaper T\'Raukzul Dragon Boxed

    The Cities & Knights of Catan Expansion Pack

    Void Horalon Starter Army

    Warzone The Brotherhood Cathedral Campaign Pack

    Avalon Hill History of the World Game

    Grendel \"Goliath\" Dwarven War Machine

    New in the Store:

    Small amount of Ral Partha
    Small amount of Crunch waffle
    Small amount of misc minis

    All can be found here.

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    That\'s great news. I\'ll probably be bidding on more stuff if there\'s any left after Christmas.

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    New Auctions:

    Warhammer Zombie Dragon
    Warhammer Leopold\'s Leopard Company boxed set
    Warhammer Giant Eagle
    Warhammer Tabletop Painted Empire Steamtank
    Warhammer Skaven Poison Wind Globadiers
    Warhammer Empire Mortar
    Warhammer Empire Hand Gunners
    Warhammer Loose Decals
    Warhammer Empire Great Cannon
    Warhammer Empire Flagellents
    Warhammer Empire Command
    Warhammer Empire Archers
    Warhammer Chaos Minotaur
    Warhammer Skaven Stormvermin
    Warhammer Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on Lammasu
    Warhammer Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
    Warhammer Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket
    Warhammer Chaos Dwarf Command
    Warhammer Chaos Dwarf Champion & Musician
    Warhammer Bright Wizard
    Warhammer 8583N Chaos Dwarf Decals
    Warhammer 8583N Chaos Dwarf Decals
    Warhammer 6 Skaven Warpfire Throwers
    Warhammer 6 Skaven Assassins
    Warhammer 6 Skaven Plague Monks
    Warhammer 6 Empire Spearmen
    Warhammer 6 Empire Bowmen
    Warhammer 3 Mounted Empire Pistoliers
    Warhammer 2 Empire Knights Panther
    Warhammer 2 Empire Crossbowmen
    8 Tabletop Games Workshop Warhammer Wood Elves
    17 Tabletop Games Workshop Warhammer Wood Elves

    Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic 11 Tabletop Ships

    Warhammer 40K Dark Eldar Battle Force +20 Extra Warrior
    Games Workshop 40k Tyranids Lot
    Warhammer 40k Dark Angel Ravenwing Land Speeder
    Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marine Bike Squad
    Warhammer 40k 8078A Dark Eldar Lord
    Warhammer 40k Space Marine Attack Bike

    Thunderbolt Mountain 54mm Sea Elf Lord
    Thunderbolt Mountail Celtic Belt Buckle

    Ral Partha Battletech Lot

    Crunchy Frog Critter Commandos McSteer Cattletek

    New in Store:

    Some Void
    Some misc minis.

    Quick Auction Link.

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    Got the minis, thanks for the fast shipping! Was the picture included of your son? If so, he is a cute kid!

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    @treide Glad to hear that they got there quickly! Yep, the picture is of Alex. Cute as a button isn\'t he? :)


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    Got my figures plus the signed autograph. Very happy!

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    Greetings to all,

    Last night was a milestone in our quest to pay for Alex\'s hearing aids. When all the auctions currently up have been paid for, we will have reached beyond the goal of $5000 we needed. Next week, after all the auctions are ended, we intend to do a final accounting and post on all boards.We know everyone is anxious to see what your efforts have achieved in the past few weeks.

    While we have probably passed the final goal when all the people have paid for tonight\'s auctions, we have put up a last batch of auctions of donated items which arrived in the mail today, and those last auctions will end on the day after Christmas. We were told by the people who donated the items to auction that if we reached our goal before their items arrived in the mail, we could just keep them or auction them and keep the money rather than return them. We have no intention of keeping them or the money from the auctions. There are two reasons we are putting them up as a final auction: one, they were donations intended to help Alex; two, although we will have reached our goal, we think the donors would like to see their donations go to good use. After subtracting the cost of Alex\'s hearing aids from the total raised, we intend to \"pay it forward.\" Any money left over after paying for the hearing aids will be donated, in honor of everyone on the boards, to another child in the miniature community whose illness has caused financial hardship on the parents. We estimate that sum should be considerable. It is only fair that we take the money we do not need beyond our original goal and help another child. Also, as soon as the last auction has ended, we will be closing the eBay store and removing all items. They will not be needed again until Alex is ready for his first upgrade in 6 months and that sum is one we can manage by ourselves.

    Monday, we will be setting up an appointment for Alex to have impressions made and hopefully he will have hearing aids within the next two weeks. You will never know how grateful we are to the many people on the boards who stepped forward to help, by sending good wishes, donating items for auction, selling their painting services, buying from the eBay store, bidding on the auctions, donating money raised from their own auctions, paying extra for their purchases to donate to Alex, and to those who gave cash donations. We had no idea that it was possible to get this far in a few short weeks. Miracles do happen and Alex will be hearing soon. We will keep everyone informed of Alex\'s progress and also post when everyone has paid and we have reached a final amount. Have a wonderful holiday from our family to yours.

    Valloa (Maya), Anatora (Ann) and Alex

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    cfwheeler58 Benefit Auctions

    Cfwheeler58 of CMoN has very graciously donated the following items:

    Limited Edition Confrontation S\'Erum Sdion Ophidien
    Limited Edition White Dwarf 30th Anniversary Minis

    Chroniopia Devout Tormented & Damned Boxed Set
    Chroniopia Dwarven Axe-Horn Warriors Boxed Set
    Chroniopia Dwarven Warshields Boxed Set
    Chroniopia Elven Flying Dragonbane Boxed Set
    Chroniopia Firstborn War Chariot Boxed Set
    Chronopia Devout Soulflayer Boxed Set

    Confrontation Ophidian Vortiran
    Confrontation Ophidian Warrior
    Confrontation Ophidian Archer

    Dark Arge Brod Murtros
    Reaper 2799 G\'Nort Dire Wereboar
    Target Games Ruined Keep

    Warhammer Dwarf King Throne of Power
    Warhammer Dwarf Runesmiths Anvil of Doom
    Warhammer Goblin War Chariot
    Warhammer Goblin Wolf Chariot
    Warhammer Orc Rock Lobber
    Warhammer Skaven Grey Seer Screaming Bell

    Warzone Capital Orca Battlesuits Boxed
    Warzone Dark Legion Bio-Giant
    Warzone Dark Legion Pretorian Behemoth

    Auction Links

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    Excellent news on reaching your target. :)

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    It is always good to see that people still do care enough in this day and age. Best wishes for the holiday and the hearing aids

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    For all of you who helped Alex get his hearing aids, we gratefully send our thanks. We got his set of temperary aids this morning. It took a week for the permanent behind-the-ears part to be made and these temps will help him hear at a low level until his permanent in-the-ear section come in next week. By that time, we hope he has gotten used to wearing them. Already we notice a great difference in his demenor. With them on, he tries out different sound ranges, volume and he said \"Bye-Bye\" clear as a bell today. We were afraid he would freak out at hearing a stranger\'s voice for the first time, but he was fearless. He wants to hear.

    For those interested in the accounting for this project, here is the breakdown.

    $2606.80 sale of donated items
    $ 252.62 in cash donations
    +$3523.97 from sales of our items
    $6383.39 Total
    -$288.28 from people who did not pay (one even resigned from eBay to avoid paying).
    -$1013.49 Ebay fees and Paypal fees
    -$5000.00 for hearing aids
    81.62 used as part of the $150 paid for temperary in-the-ear aids

    We are not counting the overpayments for shipping we made when the packages costs more to send than the buyer\'s paid and refunds which are a part of doing business on eBay.

    We had hoped to have money left over to send on to another child, but the eBay and Paypal fees were taken out over the course of the project. At the end, when all auctions were done and the store items removed, all the money had been accounted for.

    Again we send everyone our thanks for helping Alex hear.


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    That is so awesome to hear. Nothing better than being able to communicate with your child.

    I\'m so happy for you.:flip:

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    looking for the jumping up and down and clapping smilie.

    (while wiping a tear from my eyes.)

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    That is AWESOME news!

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    So far, this is the best news of the New Year.

    I\'m very happy for you all.

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    This is the best news I\'ve had all Day.

    $6383.39 Total
    -$288.28 from people who did not pay (one even resigned from eBay to avoid paying).
    Gutless heartless F*cks :flame: Is about the level of contempt I hold for people like that.

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