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    @everyone Thank you!! Alex is doing wonderfully. He loves hearing and already we\'ve gotten several clear words including \"mama\". He\'ll have his permant ones next week and the volume was started out at low and will be gradually increased so that it won\'t shock him while he\'s learning to hear. We will post pictures after he gets his permant hearing aids. He looks like a cyborg now with tubes dangling everywhere!

    @cfwheeler Gimme your address!! It was partially damaged in shipping and I have a few things to send back your way along with a thank you card from Alex.

    @Dragonsreach I\'m glad its cheered for you too. As for the non payers, they can\'t ever bid on anything I put up again and Alex has his aids which is the most important thing!


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    Originally posted by Valloa
    He loves hearing and already we\'ve gotten several clear words including \"mama\".
    Ha what did I tell you! Now if he is like I was you will be wondering if he will ever shut up again! lol

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    Originally posted by DrEvilmonki
    Ha what did I tell you! Now if he is like I was you will be wondering if he will ever shut up again! lol
    <G> He\'s discoverying that talking gets him things like extra attention and praise. I can live with nonstop jabber (which is amusing cause its already the case) cause its good to hear!!


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    Default leading edge aliens

    Originally posted by Valloa
    New Auctions:

    Creafigs - Fenryll Tsunami Relief Limited Edition Boxed Set
    Ral Partha Bushido Tatsu Dragon
    Clan War Yoriomo
    Ral Partha Larry Elmore Reflections of Myth Red Cloak
    Ral Partha Larry Elmore Reflections of Myth Bones of the Past
    Genadier Dragon lords White Dragons
    Clan War Uninvited Guests
    Clan War Ronn Heroes #1
    Clan War Straw Targers
    Clan War Firestorms
    Ral Partha The Antagonists Boxed Set
    Ral Partha The Conflict Boxed set
    Leading Edge Aliens 4 Alien Warriors
    Leading Edge Aliens, Alien Queen
    Leading Edge Aliens, Egg Pack
    Leading Edge Aliens, Colonists Last Stand
    Leading Edge Aliens Colonial Marines Boxed Set #2
    Leading Edge Aliens Machine Gunners
    Leading Edge Aliens, Sentry Guns
    Leading Edge Aliens, Dropship Crew
    Leading Edge Aliens, Apone Pack
    Leading Edge Aliens, Colonist Pack
    Leading Edge Aliens, \"Game Over\" Pack
    Leading Edge Aliens, Ripley Pack
    Grenadier \"Alien\" Scenery.

    New in Store:
    ReaperCon Sci-Fi Sophie Last ones that will be going up
    Fine Art Greeting Cards

    We do ship internationally!! The bug that kept reseting the \"ship to Worldwide\" to \"us only\" was fixed today. However, not all auctions were able to be changed so even if it says \"US only\" we DO ship anywhere!


    i know it could be late,
    but i\'m very intersted buying aliens miniatures from leading edge!

    i\'m from france and i can use paypal to pay worlwide!

    my email:


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    Originally posted by Dragonsreach
    This is the best news I\'ve had all Day.

    $6383.39 Total
    -$288.28 from people who did not pay (one even resigned from eBay to avoid paying).
    Gutless heartless F*cks :flame: Is about the level of contempt I hold for people like that.
    I couldn\'t agree more DR... I hope they get something slow, painful and terminal.

    This whole thing was for such a good cause that any kind of rip off is just unconscionable. :mad:

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    I\'m glad to hear(lol) it!:D


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    Hi to All,

    I am sorry for the delay in this post but wanted to update everyone who helped with Alex\'s hearings aids as to his condition.

    Alex has had his permanent hearing aids for almost a month now (barring several problems such as one of them not working and needing to be remade). As you can see from the photograph, they are quite inconspicuous which will help him later when he interacts with a group of other children and has helped him to avoid stares from adults now. Being a friendly child, he cannot quite understand why they look at him so intently when he tries to be friendly. We couldn\'t care if they looked like those massive headphones from the 1980s; we just are beyond belief in the difference they make in his ability to hear. His vocabulary increases each day by leaps and bounds and, for the first time, he can interact with us using words. He\'s gone through the babbling stage and is back to simple sentences and the occasional full sentence. A massive improvement from silence! For some unknown reason, his hearing, when the aids are not in, has increased since he had tubes put in his eardrums and he has been wearing his aids. During his final hearing test he was tested both with and without his hearing aids. His hearing loss, without aids, has decreased from 50 dbLs to 30 dbLs since he got tubes and received his hearing aids. Why no one can say. With his hearing aids, his range is 15 dbls (average is up to 20 dbls) which means he in functioning within the normal range. He\'s got a lot of catching up to do, but is learning quickly. He\'s already learning to re-label things that were set in his head, such as all children were \"babies\" but now they are \"girls\" and \"boys\", even if it took a little girl his age being offended at being called a \"baby\" for him to want to make the distinction.

    We cannot thank all of you enough for helping us give Alex this chance to hear so much sooner than we could have done on our own. The past few months have been a whirlwind of tests, adjustments, language lessons and watching Alex experience a hearing world without being scared by it. We are deeply touched by your generosity. Thank you very much!


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    It\'s great to hear from you with an update on Alex. It seems he\'s learning fast, not just new words but that girls can be very sensitive regarding their age. lol

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    Awesome news. Wish I noticed this post earlier x_X

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    That\'s fantastic news! it\'s always to hear about good things happening to good people.

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    Very Happy to hear this news.
    (and yes I know that was a poor pun)

    However I \'m hoping that Alex truely benefits from the devotion you two have shown.

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    Ahh, I never saw this thread before and feel kind of bad about it, because I would be SO happy to help you and your son... hmhm...

    It is Great News you have about his hearing... I´m so glad... :)...

    This was really a great opportunity to show some heart...

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    This is great to hear, it very nearly brought a tear to my eye when i read through it then. I wish all parents were as devoted as you to, a true inspiration and i hope when i have my own children i will be as dedicated as you two, good luck to both yourselves and alex

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