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    Default APOLOGY

    I just want to say soz for arsing around with my gorbad pic in the submissions bit, i was bein a moron and not reading what was blatantly in front of me! sorry:D

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    The background for this particular figure isn\'t the best..but the figure is awesome.

    Should be under submissions forum though, right?

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    Ooh nice piggy... mind telling us how you did some of the effects on the model? Starting with the brass :D

    Gorgeous figure, Tommie.

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    Originally posted by Rigged4Mini
    The background for this particular figure isn\'t the best..but the figure is awesome.
    i struggled choosing the background, what would anybody else recommend?

    the piggy armour is tin bitz, brazen brass highlighted with chainmail.
    shaded with chaos black and schorched brown, then verdigrised with scaly green and hawk turquoise.
    the dents and damage were the \'tromp de Loleil\' thing using the black and brown as a shade, either a mastered stroke for the cuts, or a puddle dried to leave a water mark shaded on the upper edge anhighlighted on the lower using mithril silver.

    i did not use any inks on this mini:)

    (p.s this topic was just meant to be an appology, but now it does belong to disscussions but hey sorry again!:beer:)

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    looks awesome man! You should enter him in the toadstools if he is a valid entry :D

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    I have never put a mini into a comp before, how would i go about that then?:yes:

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    tommie...great work as always...what are ya apologizin\' about anyway...i\'m confused...which is nothin\' new:)...

    @zaphod...i wanna know how to enter the toadstool too...there has been some sick work in the past...i love lookin\' through the galleries...


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