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    Ok, here\'s the question. What (and I\'m thinking in real world terms here) is the different between a bolter and a boltpistol. I\'m wondering why every SM isn\'t equipped with a boltpistol and a chainsword Vs. just a bolter.
    Here the thinking. Both fire the same ammunition, my understanding, (68 to 72mm, don\'t remember to be honest), and the round is a semi-intelligent micro missile, that uses a powderless, caseless shell to fire from the weapon, and then fires a rocket after exiting the barrel, exploding inside the target using a mass reacting fuse. So performance wise the length of the barrel has nothing to do with accuracy right? So the only things that I can think of are 1. The bolter itself has a better targeting suite (larger size, more room) 2. The bolts are \'laser\' guided and the use of two hands with a bolter give greater stability, making it easier to paint the target. 3. Larger clip size (spray and pray)

    Any ideas?
    Thanks Brian

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    The reasons you give are all very good, actually . The main reason, though, consists of two simple words: game balance. But, as you said, in real life mechanics, there should be little reason not to use pistols all the time.

    Oh, btw: Since the bolter ammo are practically small rockets, the art division was asked why they still painted bolters and bolt pistols that fire and eject shells. The answer: \"\'cause it looks cool.\" So much for real life applicability ;)) Hope that helps

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    Bolter has rapid fire option, larger clip, stabilized with weight, and is an icon for space marines. pistols are for ghetto marines. rap isn\'t cool kids.

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    Shut yo mouth foo\'!

    Bust a big ol\' bolt in yo ass lol

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    here\'s the difference

    Boltgun - Rapid Fire, range 24\"

    Bolt Pistol - Can be used in assault, range 12\"

    So if they all had bolt pistols and chainswords, then would\'nt be able to shoot half as much as they do with a Boltgun

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    In real life? pfft. no idea.

    In game? pistol = another power fist attack. (Wait, you can shoot them too?!?)

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