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Thread: Best ever video game?

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    Default Best ever video game?

    Whats your favorite game, I\'ve got a few
    Tomb Raider
    Age of Empires 2 + expansion
    Pro evolution series
    but my all time favorite is Final Fantasy 7, as much for the memories of playing it with my best mate as for the game even though the game is an all time classic.
    I have a developing love for Dawn of War at the moment even though I keep getting slapped silly online.

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    Battlefield 2 Vanilla and with expansion packs for PC and Prince of Persia the sands of time for the PS2


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    Battlefield 2142 and FFXI do it for me right now, I can\'t argue with Yetie, FFVII is an all time classic! Love it.

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    Age of Empire\'s 3
    Age of Mythology
    Baldur\'s gate 2

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    I\'m sticking firmly with Oblivion. My PC loves it and so do I.

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    Tough call to be sure, particularly when it comes to balancing out the old school classics and more modern day efforts. About 5 years ago when I was bored at university I actually made a list of my top 50, carefully calculated and ordered. I have no idea where it is now though. No order to these, but they are all magnificent (and I already know I\'m going to list far too many!):

    Final Fantasy VII - up there on my list too. At the time it was really spectacular and the story\'s very good, with some truly emotional moments. It\'s not without its flaws though, the random fights being particularly infuriating and completely illogical at times.

    Secret of Mana - another awesome RPG from Squaresoft. The best old school RPG ever in my mind and the multiplayer factor just added to the fun.

    Deus Ex - a grown up RPG. Bloody genius. So immersive and really put the power in the players\' hands.

    Tetris - Puzzle perfection

    Puyu Puyo (or Mean Bean Machine depending on the system) - I\'ve had dreams about this game. Terrifying dreams!

    Super Monkey Ball - Perfect control system. Simple but absolutely brilliant.

    Sonic, all the 2D Marios, Gunstar Heroes, Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64 - I\'m a huge fan of platformers.

    Doom 2 - The first time I linked up 2 PCs to play this in deathmatch I didn\'t stop for 50 hours!

    Goldeneye - Pretty much the same as Doom. Clocked up far too much time killing my friends on this.

    Quake III - Tough and unforgiving, but it\'s about as balanced and perfectly designed as a deathmatch game can be.

    Battlefield 1942 - The last of my FPS multiplayer life-sinks.

    Grim Fandango - Best voice acting ever. Sooo funny.

    Pokemon - Absolute genius and not just for kids.

    Repton - This may have been the first proper computer game I ever played on the BBC Micro. Still remember it fondly.

    The various Civs and Alpha Centuri - I appreciate these more and more the older I get.

    Resident Evil - Scared the crap out of me. Directors Cut on the PS is the best version.

    Silent Hill - Freaked the hell out of me. The multiple endings are a cool feature too.

    Streetfighter II - As soon as I played this I had to get a SNES. Still the best fighting game. The 360 Arcade version\'s awful though. Super Puzzle fighter\'s pretty good however. Well worth a download.

    Bushido Blade - Really realistic and savage combat. Fights could last a second or, with two particularly practiced and stubborn opponents, hours!

    Tony Hawk\'s Pro Skater 2 - Best in the series. The reverts made it too easy to do huge combos but with just manuals it was perfect.

    Mario Kart - The SNES version\'s the best. If only it was 4 player.

    Starfox - At the time this game was pretty special.

    The Sims - I have to throw it in. It has one of the best risk/reward balances in any game ever made.

    Micro Machines - Fricking Genius racing game.

    I think I\'d better leave it there! I didn\'t even really cover classic arcade games, Spectrum, Amiga, etc.

    And yes, I am most definately a computer game geek.

    Oh, and the most overrated game ever is a toss up between Half-Life and Oblivion in my opinion.

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    O yea, Quake 3. But got Open Arena for it now:

    It\'s a free, open source version of Q3

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    I take my hat off to you Lono you\'ve listed some greats there that I love but had forgotten, I\'m loving Civ 4 at the moment the game play is a hell of a lot smoother and as such alot more engaging.

    Seeing Pokemon on there makes me want to break out my nintendo colour what a game!!!

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    Street Fighter 2. A work of staggering genius :)

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    RollerCoaster Tycoon! Best management game ever!

    StarCraftSpent a lot of hours on this one.

    Most of the Mario games but especially Super Mario World and Super Mario 64.

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    I generally waste a lot of money on games then only play 2 or 3 continuously on any console. The ones that really stand out for me were Super Mario Kart and Goldeneye on N64, WWE series and FIFA football (I know it\'s not the popular choice but I\'m comfortable with it) for PS2. However, for sheer originality and fun I\'ll always but one game above all others...

    Skooldaze on the good old Speccy! :beer:

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    Ive played games for a long time, and love all of lonos list lol

    But my all time favourite game has to be System Shock 2. That was pure genious.

    Followed closely by Baldurs gate 2 :)

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    Another vote for Baldurs Gate 2. Especially with the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack :o

    Closely followed by Morrowind and the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions. I wasted so many weeks playing it...

    If there was a way to get the graphics and combat system of Oblivion into Morrowind it really would be the greatest RPG ever.

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    So many to choose from.

    Best of all time is probably Masters of Orion II.

    It\'s up there with a ton of great games though. Including:

    Populous and Populous II: the first real god game.

    Civilization II: the game I \'wasted\' the most time on and still re-load now and then.

    X-com: still the best action point based strategy game ever made.

    Breach: the best action point based strategy game before X-Com.

    The Wing Commander Series: the only game where live actors weren\'t totally rediculous.

    The Mechwarrior Series: the top on my \'wish they would make a new one\' list.

    The Sims: just due to the fact I wated more time downloading user created mods and furntiture to build a Castle then I ever did playing the actual game.

    AutoAssualt: for the best MMO I ever played, but no one had ever heard of.

    The Bards Tale: for it it wasn\'t for this one I would have never become a roleplayer.

    Might and Magic: what kept me playing rpgs when the Bard\'s Tale was done.

    Warcraft: the closest thing to Warhammer on a PC back when GW had a sense of humor.

    Starcraft: the best RTS ever.

    Command and Conquer: the best RTS ever until Starcraft came out.

    Sam and Max: for making me laugh more then any other series.

    Dune and Zork Zero: for showing everyone what CDs could do.

    I almost forgot Zork: for making me scared of being in pitch black, for I might be eaten by a Grue.

    Rogue/Hack: for making the most addictive game with the worst graphics.

    Dungeon Hack: for taking that game and setting it in D&D.

    Dungeon Keeper: for letting me smack down adventurers and torture goblins all in the same game.

    Final Fantasy Online: for letting me make friends with a bunch of guys from California who I \'wasted\' 5 years of my life with. And for Taru\'s because they are so damn cute.

    I could go on forever I think... and this is just PC games.... I coiuld do a whole other post on console games, from Bally to Wii :D

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    Final fantasy 7
    Final Fantasy online - see my avatar :)
    Halo I (not II or III)
    Civilization <IV

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    bolder\'s gate 1 and 2 (I have them memorized)

    The first Tomb Raider (only because it\'s the only one I\'ve played)

    Resident Evil Director\'s cut

    But my all time favorite is the always girly Sims2. That\'s really the only one I play anymore and the only game I have on my PC. I don\'t have all the expansion pakcs because of $ but I\'m hoping this Christmas will bring me a couple.

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    Even within each genre it\'s damned hard to just pare down to one title, although for FPSs I have no problem there.

    FPS - UT, sheer brilliance from the game designers. And so amazingly expandable for fans too; beats the socks off all competitors on that front. Beautifully implemented in nearly every way and perhaps the best bot support of a game of its type (certainly for its generation it was the king).

    God sims? Populous I still love and I wish I could play it again to see if it\'s as good as I remember it being. Sim City in various incarnations is great addictive fun.

    Hmm, fighters... Soul Calibur is one of my favs as far as the arcades went, but for consoles I have a soft spot for Star Gladiator; major props to Street Fighter back in the day.

    Driving - Gran Turismo. Nuff said.

    And a must-mention for Asteroids.


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    Silent Hill 2 wins for me.

    Other close seconds -

    1. Day of the tentacle
    2. Powermonger
    3. Mario Kart
    4. Zelda
    5. Dungeon Keeper
    6. Populous (especially with the add ons)
    7. Brain Blasters on the amiga
    8. Nebulous

    Just one or two :)


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    Duke Nukem 3D

    Sheer class :)

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    Originally posted by matty1001
    Duke Nukem 3D

    Sheer class :)
    Yup, much as I love the relentless carnage and atmosphere of Doom, the guys at 3D Realms were ahead of the pack when it came to level design that was approaching the sort of scope todays games go for.

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