An Elf rescued from a Horrible Fate
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Thread: An Elf rescued from a Horrible Fate

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    Default An Elf rescued from a Horrible Fate

    One of these days I\'ll figure out how to take photographs. Until that day you shall be subjected to my horrible, washed out submissions!


    As the descriptions says, she started life as a D&D prepaint, and I decided to take a night and see what was there under the horrible death-mask she was wearing (basically pure white with giant black spots for eyes. I really thought it was a mask!) The base is supposed to be a stone floor, just painted in 2d on the original base.

    She has a comment in French. Can anyone translate it for me?

    (Thanks to NSA for the topic title!)

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    a good recovery!

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    Nice job! :) The face is really cool.

    Dub is saying (roughly):

    \"The photos don\'t do justice to your work. It lacks depth in your lights and shadows. For the black, try to do your highlights in Tanned Flesh [?]. That works well.\"

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    that french comment says something along the lines of:

    \'The photos do not do justice to your work. It lacks depth in your shadows and lights. For the black one, try to do the bright spots colour flesh tanned. (and a positice comment at the end which i\'m not sure about) that turned out to be my fench homework for the evening, good practice seeming as i do a mock french GCSE oral on monday.

    as for my opinion, i like it the base ,its cool and looks good from the photos, of couse it is hard to judge the model as the photo is washed out but overall it does look very good. well done.

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    Thanks for the translation.

    Tanned flesh, eh? I learned something new today. :D

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    A very nice rescue job, she now has a personality

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    Default Nice save!

    A good application of stripper I would say. repaint looks great. Did you get any \"before\" pictures?

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    Nice job, I would never have guessed this to have started as a pre-paint! For the photos, try taking the pictures using a medium gray background. I used to take pictures against white because it gave true colours, but it really did fade everything a lot. You could also check if your camera has something called exposure compensation, which helps if you have a lot of contrast between your subject and background. It helped me get decent photos using a black background recently.

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