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    Default Queen of Credits Mystery Contest

    Mystery contest

    To amuse and bemuse folks, we are holding a small \"Mystery Contest\" over at the Queen of Credits Museum (www.QueenOfCredits.com). The only \"hint\" you get is located on artist Matt Gubser\'s sculpting gallery page. There is a \"clue\" there. You have to find the clue and guess and guess what the contest \"is\" and then email me your response. For those who can figure out the mystery and provide a correct answe, your name will be publicized in the next Q of C newsletter and you\'ll receive \"a prize\".

    Here are the contest rules:

    1) No purchase is necessary.
    2) The prize has no cash value.
    3) There may be more than one winner.
    4) The contest ends December 31, 2007, at midnight.
    5) Decision of the judge is final (I get to be the judge \'cause it\'s my website, LOL)
    6) The contest is \"void where prohibited\"---where ever that might be....
    7) All clues available appear on Mr. Gubser\'s sculpting gallery page. No others will be given.
    8) You give us permission to publish any answer you make in response to the contest.
    9) Responses are accepted by email only, and should be emailed only, and sent to me at: kvfields@aol.com

    Correct answers will be posted come time for the new newsletter. :)

    Toodle-loo !

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    Argh! I must be thick, because I\'m stumped.
    Must.... solve.... mystery.... contest.

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    I took a stab at it (even though I\'m as clueless as the next person) and sent an email.

    ??? :idea: ??? :( ??? :wow:

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    I gave it my best mediocre shot!

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    Default I am tardy !

    Thanks to everyone who submitted entry guests. BUT.....

    alas, no one was able to submit a correct response.

    We got some GREAT guesses, however. I do have \"lovely parting gifts\", as they say on the game shows, for the folks who gave it their best shot. But, ...I need your shipping addresses to send them !

    So, if you wouldn\'t mind sending me a mailing address, I\'ll get your thank you item in the mail. Please don\'t make me send out a bajillion emails ! (It\'s easier if you just email me your shipping address if you\'d like to receive your thank you gift ).

    Since nobody, nobody ! was able to submit a correct response in all the emails we got, ....we\'re going to play again when the next Q of C newsletter goes out ! (I\'ll post here, too).

    I\'ll have to give better or more obvious hints next time. .... :D

    (participants who submitted an entry, can email me their shipping address to: kvfields@aol.com).

    Tsk ! :kiss:

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