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Thread: Looking for old He-Man mini\'s

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    Default Looking for old He-Man mini\'s

    I just recently found out that in 1983, a company called Pinnacle Products released 4 (possibly 5) sets of Metal miniture He-man figures! Each of these 4 sets, had 8 unpainted figures and 1 vehicle or creature. Also included was a playset base, a paintbrush and acrylic paints.
    I just want the mini\'s.
    The four sets I know about are:

    The Battle Cat set

    The Raid of He-Man

    Battle Ram Set

    Wind Raider Amush

    If you have or know where I can get them, please let me know.

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    omg those are too funny and thx f0r the pics, i was wondering if anyone had em for this forum since i never knew they made heman minis. i wouldnt mind getting he man on his cat.

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    This is a link to digital dragon, Jamey has a ton of old stuff. The Grenadier page has the He-Man stuff (they made them for Pinnacle). Just scroll down the frame on the left.

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    Default I thought so...

    First off, thank you for your link. When I first saw these mini\'s I thought that they where 15mm, but your link helped me peove it. The mini\'s are at 250% their original size. I copied, pasted and reduced the size to 100%. I do want these mini\'s but I think that $9 is a bit much for a 15mm mini.
    BTW anyone seen any 25mm Masters of the Universe mini\'s?

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    oh man, He-Man cracks me up. Ironicly he alwasy seemed the least manly of any of the characters. Look at that hair! good god man! It seems that there used to be a lot more minis that I wouldnt expect them to make awhile ago. These days it\'s all the \"cool\" stuff, very little funny things, but I guess it\'s because of popular demand.

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    Anyone have any luck with these? I recently found the Evil-Lyn and Attak Trak from the rare 5th and 6th sets - the 'all good' and 'all evil' sets with exclusive Evil-Lyn, Talon Fighter, Panthor (evil set) an Attak Trak (good set). If the OP has gotten his and/or he doesn't mind, then I' love to see lists of any of these anyone has! I am always looking to buy these minis!

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    Default He Man minis

    I know this is an older post, I stumbled on it while I was looking for inspiration for He-Man minis I have been making in blender - zbrush and printing them on my resin printer.
    I want to do a whole set of all the main characters.
    I'm not doing commercial quantities or anything, but I do have some for sale on my website if anyone is keen on getting them. They are not official or anything and if I get too many requests I'll pull them down because I don't wanna get done for any copyright things. It's just a hobby and I want to share it if there are a few people out there who are keen.

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