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    A few days ago whilst looking at some of the models that i had painted i realised that the one model that i liked best was proberly my dwarf lord from all those years ago when i started painting (okay well its not that long ago)

    I wondered what he would look like if i repainted him as i think that i have improved since i first painted him.

    So what do you think of the old model and then the new version

    Also has anyone else done a similer thing, repainting an old mini?




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    Nice work James - it really shows how far you\'ve improved, it\'s quite amazing to see! :) I think you could have done a bit more with the base though, as your Krieg guy showed you\'ve started developing some real skills in that area too.

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    Really nice improvement! (Isn\'t this place great?)

    I decided a while back not to repaint anything, as a benchmark of improvement. Someone along the way said \"What about your CMON gallery? That\'s a record of improvement, isn\'t it?\"
    Duh. :drunk: Maybe an old mini or two will get new treatments... one of these days.

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    pm\'d you james.

    top job matey, your realy pushing yourself nowadays. :)

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    I like this a lot... it\'s a huge improvement in every area over your original and shows maturity in your painting.

    I think the earthy colours work very well and the NMM actually looks like metal that\'s seen some action which is nice.

    In all the only improvement would be a tiny bit more definition around the face and hair to really seperate them and give the eye a focal point, just some deeper shading to bring it out and as Bill said, the base, while adequate, could do with jazzing up to fit with the excellent standard of the rest... these are just nit picking though, it really is a nice mini!

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