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    Default Dallas Grand Tournement Pics

    I just got back from the Dallas GT and have uploaded some picks I took. I was fortunate to get third place in sportsmanship, and also to play the third place appearence, and the first place players choice armies. Mike Butcher walked away with best appearence, deservedly so for his excellent Word Bearers. Also the winner for appearence in fantasy was a kick ass heavily converted Russian themed Chaos Dwarf army. Both can be seen here


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    fun coverage, thanky, specially the fun chaos duff army.

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    Default AUGH!

    I hate it when my little bubble is burst! I had a great idea for an army just to see someone else do it!

    The exodites as a Saim-Hann army...sigh!

    I know that pretty much there\'s no such thing as an original idea anymore, but durnit!

    If you have any more pics of his army, I\'d love to see them.

    It\'s not as frustrating as it could have been, considering my penchant for not being able to finish any painting projects, especially if they\'re big.<g>;)

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    Scott\'s army will be featured on the official GT page. I posted some more images includeing some more Chaos Dwarf stuff and the incense burning Khorne army.

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    Thanks for sharing the pics with us.
    Those Chaos \'Sov\' Dwarfs are indeed the works.

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