Evel Knievel Dead at 69
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Thread: Evel Knievel Dead at 69

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    Of natural causes.

    I would have expected him to die jumping something.

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    aye tis a shame, still he lived his life the way he wanted too. fair play i say

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    He only just this past week sorted out a legal dispute with Kanye West because Kanye had used the name Evel Kanyeval or something in one of his lewd videos.

    RIP Evel.

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    Originally posted by steelcult

    I would have expected him to die jumping something.
    I was thinking it would be something very harmless....Like a paper cut that got badly infected. After all those death defying stunts, something innocent gets him!

    The man knew how to entertain!

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    Wow, part of my childhood just faded away.

    I certainly had my share of Evel Knievel toys.

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