Wyrd Benefit Auction Perdita painted by EricJ
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    Default Wyrd Benefit Auction Perdita painted by EricJ

    After a year of testing and multiple doctors my son, Alexander, was finally diagnosed with hearing loss and the amount of his hearing loss was pinned down. We were relieved to finally know the amount of hearing loss and that it would be fully correctable with hearing aids in both ears. However, we were not relieved to find that we could not get him hearing aids without paying the full amount, in his case just under 5,000 USD, up front and that his insurance would not cover a cent. After a year of medical bills and extensive testing this amount is out of our current reach. To offset this amount as much as possible we have been cleaning out our families miniature collections.

    To benefit my son, Nathan of Wyrd Miniatures has generously donated a studio painted miniature of \"Perdita - Ortega Gunslinger\" for auction.

    Perdita is a 32mm \"heroic\" scale metal cast miniature sculpted by the fantastic Gael Goumon.

    This Wyrd studio painted miniature of \"Perdita\" was painted by the legendary Master Painter and Golden Demon winner Eric Johns aka \"EricJ\" on CMON and Wyrd. Few people have been able to acquire one of EricJ\'s top quality painted miniatures. Now is your chance to bid on one of the best studio painted miniatures from the Wyrd Miniature line and own a real \"EricJ\".

    Auction link can be found here.


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    Default I\'d like to help too


    I have a new-in-blister Rackham Confrontation Ashan\'Tyr from the Wolfen.

    This is a highly sought after out-of-production miniature.

    I\'d like you to go ahead and auction it with full proceeds to benefit your son.
    I\'ll pick up the shipping costs from this end.

    I will review my inventory and see what else might draw real interest.

    Best of luck.


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    @cfwheeler58 Sent you a pm. :)


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    I\'m inspired by Chris\' generosity and thoughts of my own young son.

    I have one of the Rackham dragons new in a box that I\'d be happy to donate as well. I\'ll cover shipping as well.


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    @crookedeye Thank you for your generous offer. We will accept because we are far from our goal. I have sent you a pm.


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    Our family would like to thank Nathan of Wyrd Miniatures for his very generous donation of Perdita, a Wyrd studio miniature painted by EricJ that was auctioned during the past 10 days to benefit my son, Alex. The money will help us to have Alex\'s hearing aids all the sooner. Nathan, we cannot thank you enough for your friendship and the interest you have shown Alex. We really appreciate all you have done.


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