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    Yea im gona grab a few marines and get a few test schemes tried. Im a little unsure on the emperors children colour scheme, they are described as having purple with gold trimming but in the visions it looks a bit to bright to be purple more of a pink.

    The death guard will be easy enough as its a pasty white.

    Il try and get a few WIP\'s up soon with the test colours then its time to start building a few characters, pretty sure that the hammer master of chapter model will be the base of my eidolon.

    Like the ideas with using the BT heads and the world eater heads could look cool

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    yeah, i agree, think the chapter master is a good basis for eidolon.

    couple of links that might help u with colours, fluff etc

    emperors children:

    death guard:

    hope these help

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    Looks like B&C is back so linkage ahoy :D

    In the Doghouse

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    thanks for the link undave, wasnt quite sure how to work the bottom half cos i know the pre-heresy dont have the knee pads but that looks good

    cheers mate

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    Thanks L.E.J but i have the fluff already a friend purchased the artbook to the horus heresy :D just gona try and work some colours out then come back with some hopefully some test models.

    Cheers for the mk iv plate link also

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    cleezy - have read some more of fulgrim and kaesoron seems an interesting character to convert.

    could start from termie plastics and work up

    any emps children wip\'s yet?

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    No progress on the WiPs unfortunately. Being xmas has left me a little skint.

    Yea im ploddin on with fulgrim to, gettin more interesting. He is the emperors children 1st company captain isnt he?yea he sounds cool tho i also like the sounds of vespasian though its quite brief.

    What about your models have they arrived?any work started?

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    not arrived yet but will place a link on here of a cpl of photobucket piccies of a nearly finished deathwing termie im doing

    thinkin about this colour scheme for luna wolves (though a little lighter)

    when the links on let me know what u think.

    this one is of a earlier termie with similar colour scheme but have tried to thin the paints down more than this one:

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    Yea i saw that termie, its pretty cool like the colours. If u do the same but thin the paints a little more then it will look real good. I duno what my level will be like when i return to painting but shouldnt be too bad. I think im gona buy a standard 10 marine box set and practice a few colour schemes maybe a little greenstuff work see whats looking good and what isn\'t :D

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    finished the deathwing termie. am quite pleased with it and think that the colour scheme would work well for the luna wolves (though the justaerin squad wore black, didnt they, so its for the actual marines)

    heres the link:

    let me know what u think.

    ps please rate it, cheers!

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    better pics:

    what do u think of the face/ lens\'?

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    The termie looks real good, the face is looking nice and the details you have done really makes the model standout, i like it. I thnk the luna wolves colour scheme is less bleached bone and more grey ish.

    How are you finding the book fulgrim?finally gettin down to the nitti gritti with it, quite disturbing as i didnt mind fulgrim shame eh.

    i mite actually get my hands on some models soon but il keep posted il prob do a few practice schemes though mite also put some in he WIP section and convert a few after that its on to eidolon and maybe the smug git lucius.
    Im warmin to demeter in he novel

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    i agree thew more i look at it, the more i see that as horus\' colour (pearl white armour)

    any suggetsions on the greyish front palette?

    any wips yet?

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    I cant say what would be a good font palette to use, i think jericho posted a good way to make a pearly gray on his dark angels army and various side projects WIP.

    I would make use of fortress gray (as its really like) and maybe highlight adding more quantities of white. Also maybe use really thin consistency.

    My WIP\'s will be starting soon, first its gona be some high elves i got from gamesday. but im also gona pick up some marines hopefully this week.

    Quite on a Emperors children trip atm, so thinkin eidolon,lucius,demeter an tarvitz.

    Then onto the Death Guard with garro an company.

    Much fun

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    yeah have got into fulgrim now (like vespasian as a character though he kinda got hammered!)

    was thinkin of a colour scheme of
    shadow grey
    through space wolves grey
    skull white

    am gonna try and really water down the paints as although i like to use my models for an occasional game, im in no rush to get squads finished with these!

    could u post the link to the DA site as i will have a look at his paint palette, thanks

    casnt wait to see the high elves wip\'s, let me know when u post them, nice one!

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    Yea il post a comment when i have the high elf WIP\'s up.

    I think the Jericho WIP is like the first or second page of the WiP\'s il try an get the link.

    Yea sounds a good colour palette though i would try an use only the minimalist of space wolf grey. though i guess its jus trial and error.

    As for fulgrim its gettin good, nearly finished it and yea i liked vespasian shame he gets destroyed

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    Thats a pretty good link Dave! Well done that man, I learned something new today!

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    any joy with finding that link yet?

    how goes the elf\'s?

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    The elves are out the box :D thats a start, jus gona clean them up this afternoon an get the undercoat on and the layers of watered down black. Then they are ready for a WIP. Keep your eyes peeled.

    Wuda been quicker but i had to finish reading Fulgrim. Roll on Book 6.

    Il double check the linkand post it in a second or 10.

    Hospital this afternoon CBA, Elves and assassins creed are the agenda, not surgeons who im sure are dead as they have no warmth

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    That should be it, the model i think maybe a help is the first few pages in, though check the whole thing out hes really good

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