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    i painted this guy the other day.. im happy with him ..but something seems unfinished.. i know the pics arnt the best.. ill try to get better ones soon.. so any ideas or feed back (good or ungood) would be awesome ..


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    For starters, it seems like the metals need more \"pop\", they\'re quite flat-looking.

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    Doesn\'t quite look like there is enough shading/highlights.

    It looks kind of flat.
    Maybe that would add depth?

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    cool thanks for the feed back

    now how do i make the metal pop? & how do i add more shade/highlights?.. Im not that great at painting. & shadeing/highlighting really confuss me.. so help a brother out.. what do i do?
    Im thinking i should start a ne mini & just run a teach me to paint blog or something.. ive got basic stuff down.. like thining my paints & what not.. ..what do yall think? good idea? would anyone one want to help with something like this?

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    ok, to make your metals pop you can shade them with inks, take a bit of black ink, water it down a lot, mix in a tiny bit of dish soap and apply it in a thin coat to the metals, wait till it dries, and maybe to it a couple more times. you\'ll notice the ink will tend to go the crevaces and darken those areas. Alos you can take a bit of black ink on a fine detail brush and very carefully blackline anywhere there are joints on the metal. After this try applying your highlight again as the washes may have toned it down a bit. Making them bright isnt so much about applying the brightest paint to them, but having a darker paint near it as well to make it appear even brighter.

    P.S. We\'re all outta cake! We only had three bits, and we didnt expect there to be such a rush.
    So my choice is \"or death\"? I\'ll have the chicken then.
    Tastes of human.

    Man I love Eddie Izard...

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    thanks for the tips Emo.. Ill try that in a bit when i get done cleaning the house...

    On a side note.. EI is just awesome.. I cant wait for the Riches to come back on.. EI doesnt cross dress but his son does lol

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    He\'s an interesting fellow thats for sure... I\'ve never seen The Riches,but I\'ve heard its really good. I stayed up late a couple nights ago watching his Dress To Kill stand up on You Tube with my girlfriend. Needless to say we\'ve been quoting it ever since.


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    well i haven\'t yet but i have been working on this guy.. not real sure who he is but i like him so far.. the red is really off.. im going to change it to black but over all im happy with him.. the pics are crap but that just my luck.. i can never take good pic.. my wife even bought me a photo box thing to & i still cant take good pics

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    bump just cause id like a little feed back good or bad

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    How are you doing your metallics? I\'d be happy to give some more tips, and what not to help you out, but it\'d help to know what you\'re already doing.

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    Well for the the silver I mixed a drop of black with about 3 drops of silver then washed it with a mix of flesh wash & black then edged it with straight sliver. for the copper I used brass then washed it with the black flesh wash & hight lighted it with shinning gold

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