VERY converted Ork.
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Thread: VERY converted Ork.

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    Haha, i LIKE it!!!!

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    Choppin\' time! lol

    Great muted palette, and seamless sculpt. Clearly the teflon is affecting your thinking process. :D

    What\'s up with sculpt for the mouth? The teeth look like you had to freehand them in!

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    looks pretty good. I probably would have tried to find a way to lower the other two limbs a little bit so there isn\'t such a big knob on the shoulders.

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    The Konvershun looks great, but my attention is drawn straight to the mouth, it looks real odd, like the teeth need blacklining or the mouth cavity needs to be a deeper red.
    Cool idea Shaun, nicely painted.

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    Hey, it\'s a Shiva ork!

    Nice work! :)


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    The head is one of those cheap plastic ones and the mouth and teeth weren\'t too good. Been trying some different color schemes. I don\'t have the fig in front of me but I think the pic might be more red than the real thing.

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