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    I finally got round to posting a brief step by step on skin on my blog if anyone is interested. There is a link to the blog from

    Votesand comments very welcome:)

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    wow simply awesome :) the skin tones are really nice the colours work well together with small bits of red. Totally inspiring :):beer: I\'ll check out your notes on skin tones i think it will be helpful since i\'ve started paint dwarves :)

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    Jakob Nielsen


    Superb. Just read the Tutorial on your blog and seeing the effect of that final low highlight on the boobs really is an eye-opener. Cool stuff!

    One element of critique though. The dark/black shading around the teeth of the skull draws the eye too much from the rest of the mini. Especially because of the subtle treatment of the skin areas.

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    lovely as ever. amazing skin

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    damn!!! kev is gettin\' better all the time...he still hasn\'t caught up to werner in the hot booty department, but this is his best sculpt of taxxis yet...
    great work bringin\' her to life ali...


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    Brilliant painting as always.
    Great little tutorial. The underboob highlighting is inspired.

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    Awesome again! :) Skin is great and I agree that the sculpt is beautiful as well. And as I know that kev\'s sculpts are even better IRL and while painting I might get this one.

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