Smiths of Atlas SM army WIP pics!
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Thread: Smiths of Atlas SM army WIP pics!

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    Default Smiths of Atlas SM army WIP pics!

    Here are some of my converted minis from my Smiths of Atlas army, let me know what you love or hate!

    Sentinel with flamer

    Sentinel with autocannon

    Another Sentinel with autocannon

    Devestator squad captian with heavy flamer

    Devestator squad captian with autocannon

    Term. captian

    Term. with heavy flamer

    Term. with assault cannon

    these are only a handful of the army i have now, if enough people are intrested ill post all my assult squads and tanks!

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    like it the termies look cool not sure about the running senti the leg looks too out streached.

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    Im not real fond of Sentinels in a SM army but your work on them is really good.. I love the Devs . that shield idea is top notch. If i still had my SM i was so steal that idea. The Terms look great.. very cool stuff.. I cant wait to see more.

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    thank you, now that Apocalypse has come out i figured what the heck? my assult squads can use the support plus i hold a special starwars love for them chickenwalkers!

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    That is a totally Orky name! Though now they must have ba-gawk cannons!

    I like the missile pods, but I have a question: How do the pilots get in and out? (this is where my mind wanders sometimes, suspension of disbelief be damned)

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    haha now that my friend is a good question, the 2 with autocannons can enter\\exit from the right side door\\hatch but the 1 with the flamer i hadnt thought of untill now, i guess the extra fuel tanks block the door, i might add a hatch under the hull, but i hope he dosnt have to go to the bathroom untill then!

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    these 3 tanks should give you an idea of what the rest of em look\\will look like



    and the whrilwind

    remember these are works in progress aka not even close to done

    ya or na?

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    those look totaly..........???............AWSOME!

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    .....and some of my assault buddys

    i <3 sheilds n greenstuff

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    An Assaulter that has a melta with a banana mag and scope... My brain hurts!

    - It does look cool though:D

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    lol who wouldnt want that? but wait! my rational explanation, its a pre heresy bolt pistol! maybe its a flash supressor? it fits in my army cause all my meltaguns have converted lascannon tips, and most of my bolt pistols have that melta tip, ive cut, swapd, filed, sawd, molded, and tweekd just bout every weapon in my army, like my flamers are all more compact by takeing that extra length of tube from the flamer body and nossle:)
    (check out my termi with el heavyo flamero and the sentinel too)

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    looking great there, just make sure you remove all those mold lines

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    haha no worrys dear freak, i took em off after i took those pictures, mostly cause i had to see how horrid they look with them up close

    and im workin on a paint scheme, black red and goooooooooooooooooold, ill try to paint a test mini before i have to slug of to the forge! will post it today!

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    2 test minis!

    now i know these aint going to win a golden deamon but then again i painted these both in about 75-80 minutes:cussing: i just did the armor basics but that do you guys and gals think of the paint scheme? im going to do a final test of this scheme tomorrow morning along with a couple others

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    ok so ive picked the paint scheme, its like the test but with more highlights on the armor, but now im trying to think of a simple chapter symbol, any ideas anyone? the backround of my dudes is a third founding of the salamanders, thats why they are smiths (short for blacksmiths((people like meeeee!!1!)) and i chose the black red and gold colors to match up with the black burnt out volcanic world they come from, Atlas, and i chose to arm most of everyone in my army with swords and hammers to more show off the craftsmen aspect of the chapters backround, ssssooo i was thinking maybe a hammer of some sort as the symbol, but i cant think of a way to really paint it to look like one without someone haveing to ask \" what is that again?\"

    any ideas? im in a real pickle dick???

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    Being new to this, I don\'t know if I am seeing acrylic or oil paint here. Your lines are good and tight, but it appears thick.

    If you were to go with a thinner application with more coats and then wash with a dark color, there might be more distiction between the types.

    I am not familiar with painting the space type armies, but the red on the weapons make them look more like toys to me. I would go with the more metalic looks on the weapons and use the reds on the armor. I wouldn\'t think that gold would be a color for them, but black with grey highlights might be more suitable.

    this is just my opinion, new one here and just a thought. If you did that all in an hour and a half, that is quite an accomplishment with the clean job you did.

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    ok so.....the colour scheme looks cool but YOU NEED TO THIN YOUR PAINTS. then you will get a good even coverage(exept can hardly talk because i do exactly the oposite and don\'t thin...well i do just not enough or i thin too much) anyway. you need to get better pics aswell because other wise we won\'t beable to see the detail. i think your black needs more highlights(just paint all the higher black bits codex grey then wash with black ink.)also you need to do thinner lines for the \"scribble\" on their purity seals.
    still good gaming standard. keep it up.

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