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Thread: Smiths of Atlas SM army WIP pics!

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    What about a crossed hammer and sword over an anvil background?
    Something Like this:

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    How about the world on an anvil? Then you have a reference to both the smith and Atlas.

    Or possibly Morrissey reading a book of roadmaps........

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    sweetness! im liking both of em but i do fancy the hammer and anvil idea, maybe something along those lines, thanks for unblocking my brain! im still snooping for ideas so if anyone thinks of a hammer and anvil symbol throw it out there for me chaps!

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    Undave is right - Love that Terra on an Anvil thing. (Though after I have thought about it... its a bit chaosy)

    As a sort of odd idea... what about a small globe on each of their packs, a la Grey Knights and their wee books they keep in their chestboxes? All you\'d need is a blob of GS rolled into a ball and smeared with green and blue.

    EDIT: I liked Undave\'s idea still, so here is my take to try and keep old mother earthout of the smasher:

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    ok so heres the banner for all 3 sentinels, im makeing more but just thought id show you the first, still needs to be trimmed out(pics later)its alittle glossy with petrol. gel., and a mold of a holster

    im working on a company banner and banners for my landraiders pics on that later!:)

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    penitent engine banner wooo

    (its centerd in real life((isuckatpictures))

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    wow this is really cool lovethe banners

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    thank you, at the moment im taking pics of a landraider to post here! be back in 5

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    it would be cool i you added lots of da squigly stuff all over the Tank so that it was covered in it. that would be :flame:

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    its been a while since the last post so i figured id post these!

    1st Captain with spent flamer, drawing his sword


    as everything ive ever made, they still aint finished, more pics later on 3 tac squads and 6 assult, cheerio!

    -The Shat Man

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    for the banners, did you make a GS positive from a GS negative?

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    yea just rolled it flat about 1\\8th thick and used a fat sharpie cap for the oval and a uniball pen cap clip for the straights, bent it to do the curves, it was my first atempt but ive gotten better, atleast i think i have lol

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    ok SO this-

    is going on this-

    which is for the left arm of this-

    its my version of a assault drill (to much bioshock((curseyousexbox!!)) any idea of what i should do with the right arm? the las arm im not diggin, and i see the assault cannon arm to much???

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    only joking

    plasma cannon (or is it a multi melta that the codex allows?)

    ASSAULT DRILL TO A MUTANTS FACE!! (well, body legs and arms aswell because the drill is so big!)

    Great work!

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    Cool ideas. I noticed that your first tanks had M-16A2 handguards for barrels. :)

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    i knew i kept those GI joes for something! good eye by the way, i used the barrel of the m-79 thumper for my vindicator barrel, fit nice and snug in the original one:D

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    i think i might scratch build a inferno cannon for the right arm useing the lascannon arm to work off of, any ideas of what to use as fule tanks? i dont want to use barrels (55 gal drum) which were my first idea as they dont really look space marine-ish, no matter what, they look like barrels, i will not be useing the exsisting lascannons as the tubeing however i will use plasticrod or something of the sort, also any thoughts on what the burner ends should be? pretty much need a idea for the whole thing :( thanksabillion

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