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Thread: Smiths of Atlas SM army WIP pics!

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    I really like this Wip i have been following for a while now checkin the progress and i really like the ideas your employing on the army, the individual army badge, the flamer/melta style, i like the draw sword commander to. and that dread looks really cool.

    Kudos :D

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    aww shucks guys, maken me blush:redface:lol

    thought the picture of the drilla didnt to it justice, so here are more even crapyer pictures!

    id hate to be at the buisness end of that!

    and heres the begining of the inferno cannon

    still stumped for the barrel and noozel:cussing:

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    so this is the update for the inferno cannon, starting to come together, still need some bells and whistles here and there, and a noozel o course, but im bored so here ya go

    im still having brain farts on what the nozzle should be, im thinking 2 heavy flamer heads side by side, but dont have any sitting around anywhere, and i really cant think of anything else!:cussing::cussing::cussing:

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    Sounds good though.
    Smelly thoughts aside, this is definately a nice thread to follow.
    The inferno cannon with 2 heavy flamer nozzles, I can\'t think of a better nozzle assembly either.
    This is REAL neat to watch!!

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    thanks jester, it tickles me pink to hear good things from higher ranking people as yourself, very encouraging!:bouncy:

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    anyone know a cheeper way of gettin 2 heavy flamers than giving GW my weeks pay for 2 terminator squads????they have to be somewhere else besides there!


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    sorry, i dont know, but your doing a great job.
    sorry to jack, but do you know how to submit an article once ive typed it up?:D

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    Default took over for BWBits.
    Try ya go
    Terminator Bits

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    i was about to buy 2 heavy flamers when i rememberd how cheep i am, then ran to my desk to see what i could get away with useing, a hour later, tada!!!

    when the greenstuff drys ill drill the holes out to make it more like a flamer, but i couldnt wait for that to post more pictures!

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    felt like doodie today so i stayed home from work to sleep, so i didnt get much done today as id like:mad:but i did fart around with the inferno cannon, its almost done, i think, i want it to look more like a flame ejecting doom weapon but i dont know what eles to do to it honestly, maybe i need a break???

    anywho heres the update

    sorry to all the healthy non smokers for my forgetfulness at picture time, remember young people dont smoke!


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    Some banners/icons I thought you might like. yZ44128QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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    the hammer and anvil bits I mean.

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    holy macral! i just stared at them for 10 minutes with my mouth open:wow::wow:im going to beg the master of the castle (wife) to let me set up a e bay acount :sigh: brilliant find!!

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    When you get that ebay account. Type in Zero Smoke >> All Categories....And buy some!! It helped me quit, and I smoked 19years. I think the guy that sells the best is tahiti something.:D

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    i absolutley, with a passion, hate the top peice of the flamer. the part that connects on the top of the barrels to the dreadnaughts arm. So, i created a really crappy, animation to show you what i would do. Bare in mind, its crude, took me 5 min haha.
    I would replace that peice completley, and put some sort of a tank up there, with cables running into the barrels..

    good luck with it, and as far as sir, make me sick!

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    i dunnnoooo, i dont see why a fule tank would be that close to the hot danger danger end, might not be to safe for the dread:Pbuut i did add more cables here and there, and put a pressure meter near the tank, my problem is my camera is broke, lets say a drunk guy disagreed with how crappy his pictures came out with it. anywho, im off to get it fixed:beer::cussing::beer:

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    nice flamer :) nothin beats gettin crafty with some plasticard to make your units unique and mod em for cheap. Keep up the good work and keep experimentin with the greenstuff nice seein ya goin all out and makin your own banners an details.

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