Death Korps mini\'s; fun to paint?
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Thread: Death Korps mini\'s; fun to paint?

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    Default Death Korps mini\'s; fun to paint?

    We all know that they are gorgeous, however I am on the verge on placing a big order and suddenly unceirtanty struck. So to you my fellow CMON\'ers, for surely you must know, are the Forgeworld Death korps of Krieg miniatures fun to paint, or are they pretty but a royal pain in the bottom????


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    Well my first observation with the package I got was that the barrels on the infantry weapons are very thin and break easy. In my opinion a part that should be cast in metal.

    Other thanthat they paint up quite nice..pricy though..

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    Thanks, I\'ll bear that in mind.


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    Other fellow painter who got these said that they are pain in the a$$ to assemble but apparently fun minis to paint.

    I was going to answer yesterday but thanks to CMON pages it just wasn\'t possible.

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    They can be both fun to paint and a royal pain in the bum.

    As Dragon Forge has said some parts can be quite delicate, especially the weapons when I did my Grenadier heavy stubber I broke the stock twice and lost the back site off it to the floor and later the hoover. When putting the arms on I would recommend pinning.

    The basic troops are fairly simple to assemble but the likes of the heavy stubber required a lot of pre-painting prep work to get the arms in the right position as they are the sort of thing that need to be pinned and in place prior to painting, leaving the weapon off and painting it seperatly helped a lot.

    The death riders are probably the easiest only one arm to worry about and the 2 legs of the horse go on without much fuss, if you are carefull with a sharpe knife and a small drill you can hollow out some of the under strap areas of the model this makes the modell a whole lot better rather than seeing lumps of unwanted resin everywhere.

    Don\'t let them put you off buying them because they might be a little difficult to assemble.

    If you are interest here\'s the link to my Grenadier Heavy Stubber

    Have fun with them I intend too :D

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    If you enjoy painting and have a lot of time, you\'ll love them. But compared to Games Workshop models they are very hard to paint as they are just so detailed.

    I wouldn\'t advice a beginner to start with them as they are expensive and you have to be good at detailed painting to achieve a good result.

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