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    Default Kelian Durak - metallics article

    Hello everyone!

    Here is a new mini I painted this week - Kelian Durak from Cadwallon, by Rackham. I chose to paint him with metallics rather than NMM because I wanted to write a little article about painting metallics, and Kelian seemed like a good choice to demonstrate some of the techniques.

    You can see there article in the CMON articles section, here:

    For the colour scheme, I used a fairly traditional scheme for Kelian, but I tried to continue my attempts to be more colourful with my painting haha.

    The base is inspired by a Cadwallon militia mini painted by Remy Tremblay (Darkeden) - you can see his mini here:

    Well, I hope you like it, and that you found the article interesting! Here is a link to the CMON voting page if you would like to vote:


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    cool thanks for the tutorial it is great i will try it some time. great mini.

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    awesome mini, and great tips, i read your articles on painting metallic paints and its exactly what i have been looking for, its so helpful. Thanks alot :) :beer:

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    a lovely model, i look forward to the article!

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    Great article - the pictures are large enough to see what you\'re talking about in the text, and it\'s very helpful that you included pictures of the palette to show the colour and consistency of paint used in each stage. The model looks great too! I particularly like the cloak and the base.

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    yup really great article and lovely looking model..I like the metallics as opposed to the NMM on this guy very fitting and the style they are done works perfectly.. Te blue to red blend on the cloak is beautifully clean..any tips on that technique??? or is it the \"juice\" :D method....
    keep inspiring us awesome

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    WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just when i had given up all hope of using metalic paints and you have shown me i was just using them wrong.

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    Good Article.. This made me trow my nmm out the window. Ill have a go at this teqnikk first thing after job tomorrow:p

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    Great job on both the article and the mini, greatly inspiring all the way around!

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    It\'s ok I suppose (hey someone has to keep your head from swelling! :D ).

    My only issue would be the oxidation around the edge of the symbols on the shield. It just looks a little to wide and the rivets look to bright (like he\'s polished the rivets but couldn\'t be arsed cleaning the rust from around them)

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    The Article is now approved on Coolmini and I must say it\'s one of the best I\'ve had the pleasure to read through.

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    thanks for the kind words everyone, I am very happy to hear that you find the article interesting! It makes the effort worthwhile hehe :)

    If you have problems, or if something needs clarification, or if you think of something I accidentally left out of the article, you can post in this thread and I will try to answer. But one thing: I am moving house over the next few days, so if I don\'t reply for a while, I apologise! I am very busy at the moment! And I don\'t know if I will have an internet connection straight away at the new house. So it might take me a while to reply to any questions, but I will try to reply eventually.

    Thanks again guys! :D

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    Seb, I think I can speak for all of us when I say \"Any time you want to share tips with us, it will always be worth your while!\"

    I\'m here to learn and get better. Doing a lot of the former, not much of the latter :) Your article will hopefully help that. Very well done. Thank you :)

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    Great article Sebastion, I would like to ask - how long did it take you to apply the shadows and highlights to this mini? as I have been trying to use your \'juices\' technique and find that it takes forever to build up any colour, have I thinned the paint too much?
    Everyone should read the \'juices\' article on Oz Painters, it is excellent.
    Thank You Sebastion, one of the best articles on her


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    Hey Seb, great stuff. I was just asking about an article like this the other day on the forums and then boom, you post one!

    One thing I\'d like to know though. In your article you lay out how you did Kelian (and I used this information already and it turned out fantastic) who has a rather weathered look to his armor. This is pretty typical for your style, but I was wondering what alterations you would make for a model with \"clean\" armor, like a lordly knight type? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Thanks again for the great article and the inspiring work you do.

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    Once again, thanks guys, it\'s good to know that the article is interesting and understandable!

    mantra - the whole process shown in the article took about 4.5 hours. I think that, the larger the surface, the more important it becomes to make sure that the paint is very dilute. YOu can get away with much less dilute paint on smaller areas though. SO just try it with different conistencies, and find out what works for you on whatever particular mini you are painting, yeah?

    mattrock - If you want to have cleaner armour, you just use less colour. Some people use just many layers of pure black, rather than going through all the different colours; if you do this, though, it becomes extra important to make sure the paint is dilute enough. However, I would personally recommend adding a little colour...pure black is a bit harsh. Maybe add a little of a cold colour, either dark blue or purple. It won\'t be too noticeable, but it will take the edge off the black and make the result seem more natural. Then if you make it slightly cold in the shadows, you can follow the old cold-warm principle and make it slightly warmer in the highlights by adding a little orange-yellow.

    Ok everyone, I am moving house today and I don\'t think I will have an Internet connection at the new place for a while - so please excuse me if I don\'t immediately reply to any messages in this thread!

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    Thanks for tutorial!
    Easy understandible and visual
    Great job!

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    Great paintjob and great article by the way!


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