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    So I\'m down with the idea of the dress. It\'s a neat one for sure, sort of like the duct tape fad that was in for prom dresses when I was in high school. But I would not want to get married in a public restroom.

    Bathroom Wedding

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    Two words: \"courtesy flush\"

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    How long do you think that marriage will last before it goes down the pan?

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    A hick couple get wed in a free restroom, and she wears a TP dress? Are they moving back to her trailer or did they hitch theirs together for the trip to \"the big city\"?

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    It\'s a propper shame she didn\'t have to go out in the rain lol

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    Yes that may have been a problem. That or if she tripping on the hem, probably why she doesn\'t have a train.

    Nice looking dress although, some has way to much time on their hands.

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    How did I know this would involve someone from Lexington?

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    matt I think the question is \'why not\'

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    Why? Because in ten years, your typical Martha Stewart Wedding is just going to be another generic batch of crummy pictures in your album. Wow, another grimacing, fatigued wedding party posing woodenly. Wow, roses on the pews. Wow, another drunkle laughing and dancing silly at the reception. Wow, fishbowls on the tables. Snoozeball!

    But a bathroom wedding? It\'ll be a conversation piece for ever :)

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    Originally posted by Dragon Forge Design
    At least it wasn\'t used toilet paperlol at least, I think it wasn\'t:wow:


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    That pic of Hillary is scary!!

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    I\'m impressed it took only 7 rolls of toilet paper to make the wedding dress!

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    me too Wren. And it is actually quite cute :-)

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    And in a way it\'s probably a relief not to have to bother with thinking about getting it \'preserved\' by a dry cleaner to hand down to future generations and whatnot. I\'ve heard that preservation stuff is often a scam anyway. Guess she\'d have had some big problems if someone spilled a drink on it and it started shredding though!

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    lol lol lol

    First i\'m thinking \"WTF?!\" . Then i\'m actually thinking thats pretty awesome lol

    Would I do it? Noooooo

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