Stormboyz.... more expensive?
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Thread: Stormboyz.... more expensive?

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    Default Stormboyz.... more expensive?

    Old Stormboyz...
    $35 for a box of 8 = $4.375/model

    New Stormboyz...
    1 box of Boyz @ $22 (10 models)
    2 set of \"direct exclusive\" Stormboyz bits @ $15 (5 models each)
    $52 for 10 models = $5.20/model

    I wonder if this means plastic Stormboyz are on the way. The new method to make them just seems..... odd.

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    Stormboyz are in the process of being redone by all accounts. The rumour goes that they\'ll be released in the second wave along with Zagstruk and the plastic grots.

    Apparently they\'ll hark back to the last metal versions with military kaps and fateegz. If they are I can\'t wait as they\'ll fit in perfectly with my Blood Axes.

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