Various Projects (Empire/Blood Raven Update 13/01/08)
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Thread: Various Projects (Empire/Blood Raven Update 13/01/08)

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    Default Various Projects (Empire/Blood Raven Update 13/01/08)

    Ok. So I\'ve been without a camera for about 4 months now. I\'ve finally got one back, and I\'ve decided to post some shots of my current projects.

    First off, my Arena Montreal entry (placed 2nd in fantasy single):

    The lighting effect makes him hard to photograph, so hopefully next round I\'ll get some better shots... He is fully painted, but now I feel I can do better so I\'ll be reworking a lot of the shaded side as well as the lit side.

    2nd Gobbo:

    Got this guy in the same pack as the first... Decided I needed to practice my NMM for another project so here he is. Also was a bit of practice in desaturates and blending after some lessons from Starks333. The purple didnt photograph well...

    And finally the slow progress on my Blood Ravens:

    So there we are. Most of everthing I\'ve touched in the last 4 months lol... Feel free to comment and criticize as normal. Tear me apart if you want. I\'m tough lol.

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    2nd gobbo is fantastic. the marines look nice and energetic too!

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    the gobbos look awesome man.. very cool stuff.. i dont like nmm most times but you pulled it off nicely

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    I like what I can see......try shooting them with more light.

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    been away for along time myself - but yasus, those NMM are good

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    Thanks for all the comments guys. I did the best i could to get good photos, but my set up have very poorly conceived lol... I\'ve got a new camera but I haven\'t been able to get too many good shots with it. Sadly I seem to have forgotten my gobbo with the swords back in Edmonton when I flew back. The marines are gonna be a bit of a back up project now, something to work on when I don\'t want the stress of NMM or lighting effects or massive conversions/sculpts.

    Anyways, here are some of the new projects I\'ve started and one from a while ago that never got posted.

    Empire Character on Foot:

    The arm is so far a work in progress, I\'m not really sure I like how it looks but once more is done I\'ll have to do some more critical thinking on it. I\'ll have to sculpt the other arm the same way as well.

    Davian Thule:

    Painted him for Onslaught Edmonton, he placed second. He wasn\'t quite finished then, still isn\'t. I would like to do some touching up on the red armour and add scratches. The hammer is scratchbuilt, and I\'m not sure I really like it much.

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