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    hey guys, well it\'s been quite some time (read: July) since my last update. so, i figured i\'d fill in my e-family on my paintacular activities! I\'ve got a dwarf giant (that klocke sculpt), which makes me giggle

    but first, i painted for the latest CMON competition as a way to force me to sit down and do it. with out much more ado,

    CMON Lilith

    as always, thanks for looking.

    and heres to a new years resolution to paint more :drunk:

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    the clothing in particular the red coat is very nice. I think it could use a bit more shading under the breasts as knockers that size are bound to provide some shade and there hair seems abit lifeless.:D all in all good work if you havent done much for a while

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    very nice becca, i like her skin

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    Yeah, that alabaster complexion is quite striking. The shading on the skin is effective without robbing it of its color (or lack thereof.) Well done.

    Are the flowers sculpted onto the dress?

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    i like the skin but i want to see more of a build up of shading on it with the skin. however the rest seems quite nice.

    btw i still havent forgotten about the mini i promised you for naming our baby. its actually on the workbench right now.

    have a good one.

    btw: ewan is doing wonderfully.

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