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    Default W&N Series 7

    Just got some in the mail a few days ago, and though I have used W&N brushes in the past (and I love the taklon stuff!) I have to say these are hands down the very best brushes I have ever had the pleasure to use! (I realize I am late to the party on this one). Great paint load and phenomenal, springy, consistent point.

    Just wanted to share that.:D

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    I ordered myself a few the other day but i dont know if the card tranaction will work as instead of my mums name being on the billing address it had mine for some reason?

    Where did you order yours from??


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    Be sure to religiously use a good brush soap and apply hair conditioner every now and again.

    Whatever you do, don\'t use regular soap or dish washing soap.

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    That I know all too well. My college degree is in fine art with a concentration in painting (sadly it doesn\'t transfer all too well to minis, though some techniques work just fine)

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    Hmm, I bought some last weekend (Too afraid to use them yet) from an art shop in manchester city centre called Fred Aldous, W&NS7 Miniatures, got a 0 and 00, one was £7.50, other £8.

    Anyhoo, I asked the sales clerk there how I should clean them, he just said warm water!

    I\'m even more afraid to use em now!

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    DO NOT use warm water! You could end up loosening the glue under the ferrule which would be disastrous.

    Go with cold water, get some brush soap or a liquid type cleaner.

    I\'ve used Series 7 for a while but recently picked up some of the Raphael 8404 Series... I actually really really like the Raphael brushes.

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    @bludgut, pm tommie soule as he lives in manchester, he will be able to tell you where brush soap etc is sold their.

    this is a uk place that does w+n as well as all the accesories you will need

    i use raphael 8404\'s nowadays as they are slightly larger and thus hold a little more paint (their quality control is better than W+N i have found as well)

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    I bought another half dozen Series 7 brushes from Dick Blick at Christmas. My old ones are about 2 years old now. They work great, but the workhorse 0 and 1 brushes are showing some wear and tear.

    My folks agreed to buy me an airbrush/compressor so we ordered from Dick Blick, and I tacked on some brushes for me and some for my painter friend with the December birthday.

    I don\'t know what I\'d do without Dick Blick. Got my airbrush setup for about 50% off, and they only ask about $7US for Series 7? Yes please! Cheap shipping to Canada as well, for anyone interested. My box weighed about 12 pounds after the compressor, and it was $13 shipping. Got here in 2 weeks after they shipped. It did take a while to ship because it was about December 10 when I ordered... but I\'m very happy.

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    Hmm i havent got any brush cleaner, is this a major problem?

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    Originally posted by Thecadian
    Hmm i havent got any brush cleaner, is this a major problem?
    without it you will get a build of acrytlic residue around the ferrule which will steadily spread the hairs apart causing the point to fishtail.

    have three water pots mate (or two and a dropper bottle)
    one for adding to your paint (dropper bottle is good)
    one for your first rinse and one for your second rinse.

    this gets far more out than you would think.
    every couple of days use a proper cleaner to get the grime from out of the ferrule (i paint full time so you won\'t have to do this as often)

    i aslo use a bar of brush soap for repointing my brushes after every quick rinse as this also reconditions the hairs.

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    what kind of brush soap should i be using?

    As you may have guessed im a total beginner at this kind of thing. All i use at the moment is a old mug full of water!

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    I use Master\'s Brush Cleaner and Preserver (or is it Restorer?). Comes in a yellow-tan tub like container. I don\'t know if it is available in the UK.

    Any good art supply house should be able to point you in the right direction. Just ask for brush soap for acrylic/watercolour brushes.

    Winsor & Newton makes a Brush Cleaner and Restorer (or is it Preserver?). This liquid is something that you use to soak the brushes. Best used for deep cleaning.

    Judi Northwood wrote a very good article on brush care.

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    The link the General gave you to Ken Bromley is good. They sell a brush cleaner and preserver in a tub. It\'s done the job for me so far.

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    I know I wuvs my W&N series 7 brush to death!:D


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    brush cleaner http://www.modelsforsale.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=85461

    brush restorer (liquid conditioner)

    unfortunately ken bromley doesn\'t seem to do brush soap any more!
    try a local art shop mate, that is the essential item as you can use it to clean the brush thoroughly (it\'s just not as quick or easy)

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    They sell the stuff I\'ve been using.


    You lather it up to get the paint out of the ferule.

    EDIT: Just browsing, I came upon this site:


    They have several brush cleaners and the Raphael 8404 series brushes should anyone be interested in them. Of course, it\'s best to buy in a shop so you can check them but quality brushes aren\'t available in everyone\'s local shops. I know there aren\'t any series 7 or those Raphael brushes here, even though there\'s an art college here.

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    Ok... Brush soap?
    I KNEW there was a reason I hadn\'t opened my series 7 yet lol

    Where does one acquire brush soap?
    (Just read decent art shops... I\'ll ask in some olcal ones)

    Does the soap affect the paint if not properly rinsed off or in the water?

    And what constitutes a brush cleaner?

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    I\'d like to pick up a few of the Windsor & Newton brushes but I\'m not sure which sizes to get.
    Which sizes (000, 00 etc.) would be equivalent to the Citadel Starter and Fine Detail brushes?

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    I haven\'t really looked at the citadel brushes for a while but the series 7 hold a finer point whilst holding more paint so you don\'t need to go for that small a brush. A 0 and a 1 would probably do.

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