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    Th GW brushes are crap IMHO, (as a rule, though I have one that\'s held up unusually well). I use the 0 alot now that I am ddicted but I also like the 000 for fine detail.

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    Originally posted by Vidd
    I\'d like to pick up a few of the Windsor & Newton brushes but I\'m not sure which sizes to get.
    Which sizes (000, 00 etc.) would be equivalent to the Citadel Starter and Fine Detail brushes?
    Sorry about the awful image quality, I am currently awaiting a good bargain to show itself on eBay for a decent camera, but here is a pic of (in order from front>back)
    Citadel Fine Detail Brush (closest)
    W&NS7M size 0
    W&NS7M size 000 (furthest)

    Yes, when I opened them up, I noticed some ass must have placed a 000 brush into a 00 tube, (I wanted a 0 and 00) It is also partly my fault for not checking the brush beforehand though I suppose, but I had to rush to catch the bus.

    I was only in town because I had to drop my clio off at relault to fix the seatbelt (only they can do it >.< £1065 :cry: ) I wandered into Games Workshop on route to going home and ended up buying a pack of Black Orcs, some kommando khaki, some foundation orkhide shade, and that paint station thing due to the limited space I have to paint, and the continual moving of my stuff. Just wandered into the art shop near the bus stop and there they were! Now \'twould seem I have to go back to buy some brush cleaning stuffs though, stoopid sales clerk.

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    I probably don\'t look after my S7\'s as well as some of these lot, but I have found some of the other W&N ranges useful. In particular the Sceptre Gold II 202 brushes. The 202 bit indicates a slightly longer bristle length than a normal brush, so it holds more paint and maintains an excellent point. The brush itself is kolinsky/synthetic mix and is thus a bit cheaper for more general work.

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    Thank you for the comparison shot. :)
    Size 0 and 1 would probably be good for a start.

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    Don\'t mean to highjack the thread....well..uh actually..I guess I do because I am posting this! :D

    Just thought I would share this, it looks like Dick Blick art supplies is holding a BIG sale on W&N series 7 brushes. I got a BUNCH for x-mas.


    Cheers! :beer:

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    Nope. That is their regular price.

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    well I recently bought a new camera (nikon 5400) so thought I\'d update the last pic i made (useless and blurry as hell) with one from my new camera.


    They are in the same order:
    Bottom: Citadel Fine Detail
    Mid: W&NS7M size 0
    Top: W&NS7M size 000

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