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    Muhaha, the noob asks again, ehm, i´ve seen many pics from Space Marines with dented/scratched armour, and now I thought;\" hey, my chaos marines surley don´t pay more atention to their armour, than the lapdogs of the emperor, so why do their armours look newer than that?\" :D

    So, how do you do all these tiny scratches/ areas with missing colour and damage done to the armour? \"simply\" paint them or do you use a knife and realy make these scratches on the mini before painting it?

    And with the paint their coems my next pain ehm question, I´m playing alpha legion and so the colour scheme is already dark( I use regal blue as base colour higlighte the rims with am mix of snot and goblin green and the wash it with:1. dark green ink(not diluted!) and then blue ink(not diluted!)and the metal works on the rims are tin biz higlighted to mithril silver or chainmail, and then washed with a mix of flesh wash and black ink(2 parts fw 1 part bi 3 parts water), and at last a thin layer of varnish.

    to get to the point, I think such a tiny little black scratch wouldn´t be seen on my minis, would it? I have to get my cam back from a friend, to show you my probs i think...

    But nethertheless, I hope you can help me

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    This link is easy to miss in the Articles sections, since the article title is \"Glowing Eyes by Cyril\" (doesn\'t exactly make you think of scratches), but he does describe the technique on Page 3:

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    Well you can do either! I tend to paint em, it\'s just more fun that way I guess and you have more control on the overall effect.
    Scoring the mini would work too. Darker colours are a pain in the ass lol you\'d need to higlight the edges of the scratch. It somethings been rent open you need to think in terms of shape, there are going to be raised areas where the armour has been slightly peeled out.

    Good luck ;)

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    @ torn: I feared someone would tell me this... but...with this dark blue(it nearly looks like deadly night shade if anyone still knows what this colour looked like, or midnight blue) you would only see the highlights would you? and then I think, it would look as if i just painted some \"things\" on the armour... well I have to try to find out I think... thanks for the link Lahatiel, i will read it, surely it helps me^^

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    Okay... I´m going to build and paint a mini with this and then lend the digicam of my girlfriend...(45 minutes for one f****** SM helmet...your sick!^^) I try a lighter blue(with purple glazes I think...) for training that should be easier.But I think, that will only be an option for my charackters, `cause if i´d paint my army in this style....well I think in 2030 I could play my first 500p game...

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    If you want a simplified version, you could just make very thin lines with a slightly lighter shade of the armor color. The end result looks like tiny scratches and scuff marks on the armor, as opposed to great gashes.

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    Hey dude,

    Tiny scratches are fairly hard to do, you have been pointed in the right direction with Cyrils Tutorial, i actually tried that tut and posted it here,

    was ages ago but there is some good advise from the guys on there, my attempt was ok but i think that i could do better now, i think that i might try again,

    With regards to your dark blue, try to paint a small patch of black dorectly onto where you want the scratch, then do a very thin white or silver highlight on one edge of the black, perhaps a thin wash of bestial brown on the black to resemble rust also,

    I have recently done a chaplain with this technique (only on his shoulderpads mind!)

    Ill post a piccie and show you tonight,



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    Just make sure if you PAINT the scratches to keep the highlighted and shaded lines the right way round on each scratch to show which way the light is falling.

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    I think that you are missing a little detail that might make your life easier. just because the outside of the metal is dark blue, doesnt mean the inside is. Look at damage/scratches on a dark car, the scrapes expose the metal below. paint the sratches a mid tone grey, like boltgun, the highlight the edges with your colourschemes highlight. OR..... this being a chaos army, have the scratches and such expose a gory pink/red combo, glowing green, molten magma etc etc.
    Just a couple ideas, hope they help.

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    hmmm interesting idea... yes the metal will work I think

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