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Thread: 3rd Mini completed - First posted to CMoN

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    Default 3rd Mini completed - First posted to CMoN

    I finaly got around to finishing my 3rd mini so i decided to make it my first post to CMoN .

    Here it is :

    vote link : http://www.coolminiornot.com/179224

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    not bad at all and amazing for 3rd mini painted!

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    good work and smashing 3rd attempt

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    Wish my 3rd mini had looked like that! :) The snow looks nice and fluffy. What did you use?

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    Looks good though I find the photoshop background very distracting for some reason...

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    Dammit! Not another out of the gate better painter than I!

    Luckily, the painter rank is digital rather than analog. Were it a dial, I think I could use mine as a fan as it drops.

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    cracking 3rd mini oh the shame it took me years to start getting like that...
    constructive notes.... Add a neat ede to your armour plates on the upper surface.. just use the side of the brush along the armour edge...just picking out the odd shape here and there on the armour can go a long way to improving the overall look...
    Thin your paints a little..looks like they are a little thick in places which is losing a little detail..

    keep up the good work I look forward to the 4th and many many more...

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    Thank you all for the nice comments ... as for the snow its the tried and true baking soda ..... no photoshop here .... i had to use my flash 8 program to do the pic up ... and Peg dont worry if you saw my first 2 minis you wouldnt be saying that hehe ...

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    Nice one!

    As a suggestion, go back and make another montage using just a single front view and a single back view side by side on a 600x400 canvas. Use \'Save For Web\' in Photoshop and compress it to just under 200k - this one is suffering from over compression.

    When using a gradient DON\'T use too great a contrast between the tones - go dark to light or light to white (if that makes sense...).

    Hope that helps - it\'ll certainly help us to see the quality of what you\'re doing. :beer:

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