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    Default New fig, comments please?

    I can\'t believe I\'m doing this... Normally, I\'m a patient man and I can wait for a comment, but here\'s a fig I\'m quite happy with and I\'m impatiently looking for some comments. It\'s one of the few non-monster miniatures that I\'ve been happy with.

    Reaper sculpt name Derek the Tall:

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    Grumbold Ironbrow

    Default Nice work


    Just took a look at the fig. Looks really well done. I really like to coppery look of the brestplate and greeves, like to know how you did that.

    The scream on his face is obviously from having had the bow string just remove a layer of skin from the inside of his forearm. lol

    I hate when the bow is cast in the wrong position so that it could not have been actually used. You might think about gently twisting the top and bottom of the bow out a little to get the string off of his arm.


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    I think it was more that it was the first time that I had strung a miniature bow. I think that\'s more my fault than the sculpt. Anyone have better experience stringing miniature bows on how it\'s done?

    The breastplate was a combination of Copper, Mahogany Brown, and Black. (All Vallejo.) I think I had one or two ink washes, but I can\'t quite remember.

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    Default I agree with GI

    Nice work, especially on the coppery bits. I also like the deep red of his pants. And the face. 4 Hours :o Jeesh! I couldn\'t do that well in 4 weeks.:(

    and honest, I\'m not justr sucking up because you\'re the new moderator in town :D. Actually, I\'d voted on the mini before you asked here. Gave it a 7.5

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    Default bow

    hi while i think your mini is good it doesnt stand out as great to me.i think its what u said bout rackham and them.i always thought gw were the best until i came to this site ,some of the other makers have sculpts that just blow me away ,no need to paint some of them.
    btw i like the effect of the chainmail and breastplate and the bowstring hair is a great idea that ive been looking for since i kitted out my legolas with a lentgh of furry cotton!!???

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    Default Cool

    The ONLY thing i don\'t like is the skin looks kindy of lumpy. Otherwise it looks great!


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