WIP Ork Mek with Boss Pole
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Thread: WIP Ork Mek with Boss Pole

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    Default WIP Ork Mek with Boss Pole

    This is an ork mek I am working on. I am painting him in sections because he is alot of mini. Plus I am using a light grey base coat so I force myself to paint every nook and cranny. I am currently taking a break from him and painting a dwarf lord. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments. Thanks a bunch!

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    i like it, looks pretty good from what i can see...id like to see close ups of the face/goggles

    the pouches/leather on him seems to be very flat, although, its possible you havent gotten there yet, i do enjoy strong crisp highlights on the corners..i think that would look good on the \"box\" shaped sachell on his side.

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    I think the Dwarf Lord is coming along a bit nicer, but this guy is cool too. Is he the big Shokk Attack Gun guy?

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    Shokk attack gun guy is a different model. This one uses the same body as the one with the kustom force field except he has a big gun in one hand, axe-wrench in the other, and a backpack full of goodies.

    I will definately post some close ups of the face for you.

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    His skin tone is wicked. also the blue lips works really well!!

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