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    hi i need a drop pod for my BA army, however i don\'t want to buy one from Forge world because of money issues ( im poor at the moment). is there an article or some sort of template out there?

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    I do believe with a little searching, there is one in the articles section on here somewhere.

    Failing that, one of the gravediggers oughtta know

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    There was an article in a WD a while ago (German WD at least) on building your own drop pods out of cardfoam and stuff, including templates and all. Might also find something on the US or UK GW site.
    Failing that, PM me ;)

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    Dave, that link aint working for me, could you check it at all??

    Cheers mate.

    I know there was a paper/card template for making them though.

    But, failing that, looks like there is gonna be a plastic one, Id just hole fire.

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    Works fine for me.

    www.miniaturescenery.com is their main page so you ought to be able to find the drop pods easily enough from there.

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    Yeah no, its my end, my pc is being crap again.

    Thats the card ones I was talking about there.

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    Wargames Workshop sell the MDF ones in the UK if you can get this link to work

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    Default Website w/ Cheap Drop Pod Instructions


    I stumbled across this tutorial while checking out some Sisters of Battle color schemes (prep work and inspiration for my own army).

    Extremely cheap, and fairly easy, whether or not you own an airbrush.

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    Default PVC

    just go to your local hardwear store and pick up some pvc drain pipe caps. with the screw in bottom pieces. i have a whole bunch of DP and they cost about 4$each.

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    could I be so bold to point you HERE

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    Plastic GW drop pods due for release around the time of the new 40K box set.

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    Apparently the box set will be released a about 3 months after the new hardback book.

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